Audio Buying Guide

Audio Buying Guide

Spread some festive sparkle and show off your stylish side with a little help from our Christmas decs, trees and fun accessories! Whether it’s a frosted tree, full packs of decs, or the latest lighting range, we have everything you need for a fab Christmas.

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Benefits of Artificial Trees

Artificial trees are a great alternative to real trees but we understand that buying an artificial Christmas tree can be difficult as there appears to be an abundance of variations and choice. We have therefore put this guide together to help guide you through your selection process.

Benefits of Artificial Trees
As well as an endless choice of size, shape and colour. There are numerous benefits and advantages of owning an artificial Christmas tree compared to a real tree. For instance artificial trees:

• Do not create mess through dropped needles
• Do not need watering i.e. less maintenance
• Are a perfect choice for people with allergy concerns
• Are extremely cost effective as they can be used year after year

Artificial Tree Types

When looking to purchase an artificial tree it is very easy to get spoilt for choice. Our current range is extensive so let’s take a quick look at the options and explain some of the key features and benefits.

Natural / Plain
In recent years it has become possible to replicate real trees using modern materials very closely. Our realistic natural trees have the shape and colour likeness of a real tree.

Bring the outside in with a Frosted tip tree. Frosted trees aim to replicate a tree that has had a light dusting of snow. These are often also decorated with rustic berries or fur cones.

Coloured Trees
If you are looking for something different or are looking to make a real statement then a coloured tree may be the option for you. Modern alternatives to a traditional Green coloured tree are White and Black. If you are looking for something completely different why not choose a sparkly Tinsel tree.

Pre-lit Trees
It wouldn’t be Christmas with out have lights on your tree. So if you wish to avoid the annual struggle to untangle and then check last years lights then you need to choose one of our trees that come with the lights attached. You will have to make a choice as a number of options are available. Choose between warm static glow bulbs or multi effect LED lights.

Ready to Dress Trees
This type of tree offers a quick and easy solution to accessorising your Christmas tree. Everything you need comes in one box, the tree, the lights and the decorations. You just have to decorate it!! All our decorations are co-ordinating and will compliment the tree perfectly.

Size of Your Tree

From a size point of view you will need to consider both the height of the tree you want and its shape. This will be determined by your ceiling height and also the floor space you have available.

If you choose to have the tallest tree your room will allow then we advise that your chosen tree should be at least 30cm (6in) lower than your ceiling height. This should leave sufficient space for your all important decorative tree topper.

In terms of floor space it’s important to consider the diameter (the widest point) of your chosen tree. For large areas it is worth considering a tree that has a ‘full’ shape, for smaller or tight areas then perhaps consider a slim/pencil shaped tree.

Decorating Your Tree

Before you get started, please consider the following safety advice:

• Make sure you chose a suitable location for your tree, avoiding fireplaces, radiators and any other potential sources of heat

• Always put the lights on your tree first, followed by your decorations

• Never put lighted candles on or near your tree

• Use a step stool or ladder to reach high up on your tree

• Always turn decorative lights off when you go out of the house or go to


We have a variety of lights to brighten up your tree and home. Choose from different shapes, sizes and colours.

For your tree choose from classic fairy lights or LED and pick from a selection of colours to match your cable to your tree. Lights to fit all tree sizes.

For outdoor use perhaps try static or chaser to brighten up your home and garden.

Christmas and decorative lights are an exciting way to add fun to festivities, but used incorrectly they can cause electric shocks or fires. Before decorating your home or garden, always ensure you use and select lights appropriate for their purpose and location.

Use lights appropriate for their purpose and location
It is important to buy the lights most appropriate for where they will be used.

If you’re buying lights for indoors only , then it’s acceptable to buy lights suitable "for indoor use only". The marking "for indoor use only" will be on the Christmas light, usually on the plastic label tag near the supply plug or on the transformer rating label if the lights are extra low voltage. It will also be clearly marked on the box. These lights shouldn’t be used outside.

If your purchasing lights for outdoors or where they can be affected by the weather, only buy Christmas lights marked "suitable for outdoor use". This marking will mean the lights have been tested to an "IP" rating (i.e. IPX3, IP23, IP44) the higher the numbers the better the weatherproof rating.

Some Christmas lights are "suitable for outdoors use" but require the transformer ("plug") to be located indoors and away from any effects of weather, as these are not waterproof. The transformers will be labelled up "for Indoor use only" but the lights will be "suitable for out door use."

Christmas Decorations

One of the secrets to a well dressed tree is colour co-ordination, red and gold, blue and silver, bronze and gold are traditional colour combinations so make sure you put some thought into how you would like your tree to look. To create a balanced tree always put your largest baubles at the bottom and the smaller ones towards the top. Avoid putting breakable baubles or those with small parts within easy reach of young children.

Fairy/ Star
The final piece of the jigsaw is to add your fairy or star to the top of your tree. Once this is done you can sit back and enjoy your tree all over the festive period.

Garlands and Wreaths
We have a selection of artificial but realistic garlands and wreaths to decorate doors, fireplaces and mantles to give your home a festive feel. Go for traditional or trendy, all wreaths and garlands can be matched to other decs in the range to co-ordinate your home at Xmas.

Outdoor Decorations
From outdoor lighting and pathfinders to light up animals and inflatables there are many ways to decorate your house and garden this Christmas with our outdoor decorations. Whether you prefer traditional, contemporary or novelty designs, however big or small there are many festive ways to dress outside of your home and garden.

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