Hair Extensions

Salon Confidential Hair Extensions

Salon Confidential’s unique clip in hair extensions are made from state of the art modifibre material. They look, move and feel just like real hair, but the bonus is you don’t have to do anything with them because they’re pre-styled for you! No more straightening, blow-drying or hair-drying, just clip them in and go! Each style is designed with the most popular hair style choices in mind, for example Volume Wave creates the ‘Cheryl Cole’ volume and bounce we all die for!

Salon Confidential Extensions consist of 12 easy to use clips made using a specifically designed weft ensuring there are no lumps and bumps and no matter what the weather they will always remain hidden. The curls stay bouncy even if you are caught in the rain!!!

Each of the 12 colours has been created by a professional; therefore they will blend seamlessly with your natural hair. The secret is the ‘tones’ in the extensions, as there are many different shades and tones in one set of Salon Confidential extensions therefore giving a more realistic look to natural hair.

One set of Salon Confidential extensions can be used day or night and if you fancy a bit of extra glamour then you can use them to create the latest hair style trend, for example the side ‘Chignon’ or ‘Plait’.

Each set contains has the following

- 12 individual clips
- Extensions are 18 inches long
- Multi-tonal colours blended to match any hair colour
- Pre-styled to a salon finish
- No curling, straightening or blow-drying needed
- The same amount of hair as a set of Salon Extensions- for less!
- Simply “Clip & Go” for instant glamour

The choice of colours:

Dark Brown
Chestnut Brown
Mid-brown with Lightened tips
Light Brown
Light Auburn
Red Blonde
Golden Blonde
Honey Blonde
Ash Blonde
Lightest Ash Blonde
Lightest Blonde

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Salon Confidential Volume Wave

Salon Confidential's Volume Wave extensions create the "Cheryl Cole" volume and bounce that we all die for! With 12 easy to use clips, you literally just clip in the extensions and go.

Volume Wave extensions can be used for extra luscious length, or for 'hair-up' ideas, such as the side-braid or chignon.

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Salon Confidential Bouncy Curl

Salon Confidential's Bouncy Curl extensions are designed to provide the extra curl you need for a party, night out or even a wedding. A girl could always do with having extra big curls as 2011 is seeing the 'Big Hair' come-back!!

Bouncy Curl extensions can be used for extra curls, or for 'hair-up' ideas, such as the sexy side ponytail.

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Salon Confidential Silky Straight

Salon Confidential's Silky Straight extensions ensure your hair looks silky smooth without the effort! Literally clip the extensions under your natural hair and they will blend seamlessly, creating a look of long healthy shiny hair.

Silky Straight extensions can be used for extra length with straight hair, or the new 2011 trend looks, for example put a big headband on the top of your head and backcomb your natural hair over the top. This will create a 60's feel style and will be totally on-trend with this summers

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Step by Step Guide

1. Firstly, part the hair in the lower nape of the neck and clip your hair out of the way. Try to keep your sections straight and clean. This will make fitting of the extensions easier.

2. Now take your first Salon Confidential clip-in extension and open the clips ready. Place the clips in the parting area, slide them into the hair and snap closed.

3. Make sure the clips and extension fits snugly into the parting area and then lower your hair over the extension.

4. Gradually moving up through the head, take more sections, each slightly higher and repeat the process.

5. On the side areas of the head use the eyebrow as a good starting guideline.

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Hints & Tips


As these extensions are made from modifibre and are not real hair they do not hold smells, get oily or attract dirt so they do not need washing more than 3 times a year. Washing them too regularly will minimize the life of the extension. To wash:

- Run a bowl of luke warm water.

- Squeeze in a small amount of shampoo (the size of a 2 pence piece) and swill round.

- Take a few clips and gently swirl the extensions around the bowl gently (do NOT rub in between your hands like you would do your own hair, you must be gentle).

- Squeeze off excess shampoo.

- Rinse with clean water.

- Squeeze off excess water.

- Hang on a coat-hanger to dry naturally.


The type of hair brush, you use on the extensions is really important. If you use a soft bristle brush, the extensions remain really lush, shiny and fine. If you use a harsh metal or plastic brush, the modafibres break and this causes a drying effect on the ends. DO NOT brush when wet, only when dry. Brush in a downwards motion starting at the bottom and working your way up to the clip.


NO HEAT- even a hot hairdryer on the extensions will affect them, there’s no need to as they are pre styled. This also includes tongs or straighteners. DO NOT place on radiator to dry.

For the Bouncy Curl or Volume Wave extensions the curl will go back to its original curl after washing but for extra help:

When dry, after brushing, wrap the curls around your finger and then let go. This will help re-shape the curl.

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