We at Very.co.uk know it can be a mind blowing task to find the right PC for you, so we have tried to simplify it with this computing guide! Simply choose which category best suits you and we will guide you to your ideal PC. Happy shopping!
Convertible 2 in 1s are the perfect choice if you want the portability of a tablet, but the function and power of a laptop - you get the best of both worlds! We've pulled together the key features of 2 in 1's. So see if it's the right tech pick for you...
Can't decide which device is best for you? Are you focused around productivity on the go? Then a laptop is for you! We have selected the key features to help you decide if a laptop is the way for you.
Are you looking for a sleek and stylish design but don't want to sacrifice the power? You've got it with ultra-portable laptops! Check out the key features of this beauty.
Tablets are great if you're on the go, with lightweight solutions that look super-stylish on the move. Stay up to date in style with our range of tablets; see which one will work for you...
Desktop PC's are known for being at the heart of the home, often having the most power and able to perform demanding tasks for everyone. But is it right for you?
Why not add a touch of style to your PC? Check out our range of accessories to jazz up your device. We have selected our top picks. Check out our guide to see which one is right for you.