Take the next steps to summer garden chic, choose your look and accessories

Now you’ve prepared the foundations with our videos, tips, blogs and key products, here are some of the great ideas we promised to help you furnish and accessorise your garden with the 3rd instalment focusing on the finishing touches for your dream summer garden still to come.

Now’s the time to add the next level to your perfect canvas, Update your garden furniture to reflect your style and make the most of your space. Plus add garden art and decorative lighting to light up your summer nights.

Sew and plant out bedding plants, and work on your herbaceous border with our spades, forks and decorative planters.

Mow your lawn regularly and make sure you keep it moist, water during the hot weather.

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with our decorative solar lights.

After you’ve finished in the garden, scrub your hands with used coffee grounds for a really deep clean.

Strategically placing plastic forks around your flowers and plants can help deter animals from destroying your newly planted flower beds.