We all love binge watching TV don't we, and with all of the sport coming up on TV this Summer there's never been a better excuse to buy you and your partner a brand spanking new TV! If you're a little like me and you're in need of your telly fix but don't have a clue where to start, check out some of my top tips...

Do you see a High Definition Smart TV as a basic alternative to these snazzy 4K & curved tellys? If so, you're wrong! Smart TVs can be very affordable but if you're willing to invest that little bit more, you can enjoy an array of added value services which will not only better your viewing experience whether you're excited to watch the action or simply just want to record Corrie.

With so many great features to choose from, whether you're all about watching the sporting action or catching up on your favourite drama, click below to learn about all of my favourite features!

Full HD
Along with the reassurance of Panasonic quality and great affordability, you get full HD 1920x1080 resolution on the deluxe 49 inch screen so you can enjoy beautifully detailed, lifelike images.

Adaptive Backlight Dimming
This technology ensures deep, rich colours, while a 400Hz motion rate keeps everything smooth and lag free.

Smart Phone Compatibility
Wirelessly stream video and photos from your smartphone on your TV via the clever Swipe & Share function.

Freetime Feature
With this superb new feature, you can roll backwards up to 7 days through the programme guide to catch up with whatever* you've missed on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five!

Personalised Home Screen
The My Home Screen feature organises your favourite and recommended content into one attractive and easy-to-navigate interface - it's like having your own personalised TV channel!

Social lover?
No need to use your tablet of your phone any more -you can also access a wide range of apps, including YouTube, Twitter and Vimeo!

Don't forget - soundbars offer a simple way to improve your TV's audio without the fuss and wires of a surround sound system - making your viewing experience a millions times better!

With HDMI and USB inputs, you can connect to a huge range of other devices, including viewing your digital photos, gaming or a home cinema set-up - creating the ultimate entertainment hub for the entire family!

Panasonic TX-49DS500B
49 inch Full HD Smart LED TV

HDR (high dynamic range) is a new features within the latest TV's that means that you'll see greater contrasts between the colours and shadows on screen! So, instead of colours slightly changing when you see them on your telly, you'll now experience them how it was meant to be seen.

As more and more TV manufacturers are pushing curved TVs as being the next big thing (like, HUGE!) you might be thinking it's time for an upgrade. So, to make your decision easier, we've jotted down the key benefits of a curved telly.

With so many great features to choose from, whether you're all about watching the sporting action or catching up on your favourite drama, click below to learn about all of my favourite features!

Amazing picture quality
Enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience with the amazing UHD picture quality from the UK's most awarded UHD brand.

Vivid colours
See your favourite teams come alive with ultra-bright and vivid images from a colour range of over 17 million colours. 13% wider than conventional UHD TVs.

Sit back & relax
Turn your TV into the brain of your smart home with Samsung SmartThings Extend - set the mood by automating lights and speakers.

Hot Looks
One thing to keep in mind - curved TV's are slightly bulkier in the back which can make wall mounting trickier.

Ultra HD Upscaling
This feature also converts lower resolution content (such as live TV) to near 4K quality, so you can enjoy your shows in the highest quality, all the time.

Great for Sharing
As well as a great viewing experience you can access to your favourite social media from the comfort of your sofa and enjoy catch-up services!

Samsung has completely upgraded the Samsung Smart TV experience so he can start watching the match in a matter of seconds. It's never been easier!

The cutting edge curved display is optimised to create the best viewing angles so no matter where you sit you'll see the same brilliant picture quality - no more arguing about sitting in the best seat!

Samsung KU6500
Freeview HD, LED Smart Ultra HD Curved TV

Not yet made your mind up? Why not check out these over great devices from the range.

If you've heard the term '4K' on TV adverts or plastered on billboards when you're out shopping but still don't really know what it means don't worry, check our favourite features and be prepared to be blown away by 4 times the resolution of a regular HD TV, amazing texture and an almost photo-like of smoothness.

With so many great features to choose from, whether you're all about watching the sporting action or catching up on your favourite drama, click below to learn about all of my favourite features!

Delivering 4x the picture resolution of a normal HD TV, feel like you're looking at the pitch through a window rather than a TV!

Experience much closer to the way your eyes see the real world. Deep blacks are combined with very bright highlights to produce a level of reality not previously possible on a television.

4K Streaming
Never be bored again. Start streaming your favourite movies and series directly from
Netflix & Amazon Video in amazing 4k quality.

Firefox Operating System
Quick intuitive access to just the content you want. A new Firefox OS-based home screen makes it easy to access the content you want with intuitive operation

Switch Design Pedestals
Designed to adapt to various lifestyles, the 'switch design' pedestal lets you put your touch on your TV.

Freeview Play
To put it simply: it's catch up made easy. Simply scroll back in your TV guide to enjoy catch up from the last 7 days.

Integrate your entertainment
When it comes to smart TV flexibility, the TX-50DX750B has all the features you need.

Now you can stream beautiful 4K programmes straight to your TV. Whether its your favourite series on Netflix HD or event on Amazon Instant video, you'll enjoy crisp, clear imagery at all times.

Don't forget, if you want to connect your TV to a blu-ray player, games console, soundbar or soundbase then you'll need a HDMI cable!

Local Dimming
This smart TV boosts the colour and vibrancy of the TV's backlights output so brightness can be reduced for dark areas without compromising the intensity of bright areas.

Panasonic TX-50DX750B
50 inch HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 3D

Not yet made your mind up? Why not check out
these over great devices from the range.

Whether you're settling down to your favourite movie, dancing around to your music or looking for games to play with the family, your need a TV that is perfect for every occasion. I've chosen the best from the range so you can add a little luxury to your life.

Magic Remote: Control your Smart TV using your voice, pointing, gesture and scrolling to easily flick between Smart Home, entertainment guides and web pages.

Ultra HD: Soak up a stunning 3850 x 2160 UHD resolution that gives you a viewing experience so lifelike that you'll feel like you're right there at the heart of the action.

4K Quality: The clever Ultra HD Upscaler feature also converts lower resolution entertainment for added detail, so your Blu-ray movies and other HD content will look near 4K quality.

4K Resolution: Studio Master HCX quad core processing and Cinema Display technologies ensure you get the maximum impact to deliver outstanding colour clarity, contrast and brightness.

Adaptive Backlight Dimming: Constantly analyses incoming pictures and adjusts the light output to deliver deep blacks in dark scenes and plenty of punch in bright scenes.

Freeview: Built in Freeview HD and FreeviewPlay gives you access to HD channels and allows you to scroll back through to catch up on your favourite shows.

IPS 4K Quantum Display: Unique to the LG Super UHD range, this creates a wider range of colour so what you are watching is brighter and better.

Smart Internet Features: With easy-to-use internet features, use that deluxe 55 inch screen to watch TV shows via catch-up services such as the BBC iPlayer and Demand 5.

Magic Remote: Lets you control your Smart TV using your voice, pointing, gesture and scrolling.

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