Struggling to decide which watch is right for you? Use our easy guide to find your perfect fit this summer.

Optimise your workouts and fitness regimes like an athlete, with this season's must-have accessory: the fitness band.

A fitness band is your perfect workout partner, they will help to monitor your progress in a variety of ways and make you aware of your daily activity. Each band possesses different features designed to help you achieve your fitness goals!

If you are looking for something that is non-obtrusive that you can wear all day, either on it’s own or in addition to a traditional watch then the fitness band is perfect. You can track your daily activity levels and make the changes you need to get fit this summer.

Stay ahead of the trend this summer with the this seasons most sought after wearable technology.

The smartwatch is the mother of all wearable technology. They keep you instantly updated with your notifications and offer the motivation you may need to get in shape by tracking your daily activity levels. Each offer different features including being able to store your music for when you are on-the go.

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Results: 1 - 12 (of 184)  |  Show 99 per page