Virtual Reality has been talked about for decades but now it's nearly here!

VR creates a fully immersive computer simulated environment, where you feel like you're living in a different world (just like great Sci-Fi films like Avatar) for the most realistic 3D experience yet.

VR really is coming soon and here's everything you'll need to know. Don't forget to visit us again soon for all the latest VR news and be one of the first to get your hands on VR.

For the complete VR experience, you'll need a Virtual Reality headset which is compatible with your VR ready PC, PS4 console or even a compatible smartphone. There's something to suit every budget and the way you want to get into VR.

Here's some more info on the must-haves from some of VR's biggest brands...


This is the virtual reality headset for PlayStation owners - it works with your PS4 console, featuring multiple tracking devices for a great 3D experience. It's not like a video game, it's more like real life because you won't just be viewing the digital world of your choice, you'll be interacting with it, viewing all the action on a screen in the headset which has been specially designed to remove motion blur. You control the camera and action through movement and become your own Avatar.


The perfect introduction to virtual reality. Just slip the Samsung Gear into your Galaxy Note5, S6 edge+, S6 or S6 edge smartphone and the headset will track your head movements precisely. You'll see everything in super bright detail with brilliant contrast and a wide field of view. You can virtually visit the theatre, watch films, play games, be part of videos, even ride a magic carpet as if you were there!


Experience 360° vivid 3D virtual reality, with a front-facing camera, tracking headphones and dual motion handheld controllers.

You can turn your head, (virtually) pick up and grip objects and move around without bumping into things, thanks to the safety chaperone feature.

Coming Soon


The Oculus Rift plugs into your PC to let you immerse yourself in films and play games using the headset's OLED lenses and an Xbox controller. You can even make VR calls to your Facebook friends and it really will feel like you're face to face. Plus you can join with the Oculus community of Rift users around the world and play co-operatively or in competition and discover new friends along the way.

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You'll need a powerful PC to experience some of the leading VR headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Get ready with our range of Gaming
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