• Q. What is Take 3?
  • A. It's your no interest payment option on your Very Account, where you can just split the cost of your shopping into 3 monthly payments with no interest (yep - zilch!)
  • Q. How does Take 3 work?
  • A. It couldn't be easier - just add your shopping to your Very Account and we'll show you the Take 3 amount each month on your statement. Make sure you pay at least that amount to avoid paying interest.
  • Q. How do I select Take 3?
  • A. You don't - all you do is choose whether to pay the Take 3 amount shown on your monthly statement (you can also check the amount due in My Account.)
  • Q. How will I know how much to pay?
  • A. Just check the Take 3 amount shown on your statement or in My Account. You’ll get a statement every 28 days.
  • Q. What is the difference between my minimum payment and my Take 3 payment?
  • A. Your Take 3 payment includes items you've purchased that will form part of the Take 3 payment amount, any minimum payments still due from previous purchases, as well as any insurance charged to your account each month. As long as you pay this amount in full every month, you will avoid paying interest. The minimum payment is the minimum amount you need to pay to keep your account up to date. Interest is charged on this amount at your account APR.

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