AMD powers everything from the world's leading game consoles, to Ryzen-powered gaming PCs, Windows®
10-based laptops, the largest Ultra High Definition Times Square display, the ORION Supercomputer and beyond.

CPU Processors

As the 'brains' of your computer, Ryzen ensures you have better performance and a
more powerful gaming experience with their CPU processors.

Why Ryzen?

  • For amazing content creation, i.e. video editing, rendering
    and compressing - it's brilliant with a Go Pro for example.

  • Simultaneous gaming and streaming - all those cores mean
    it's brilliant at multitasking so you can play a game and
    stream at the same time without performance loss.

  • All the Ryzen powered systems paired with the appropriate
    GPU deliver great gaming experiences.

Ryzen 5

The AMD Ryzen 5 Processor gives you efficient,
advanced multi-processing performance.

  • Amazing 1080p gaming with high FPS at maximum
    detail settings.
  • True AI technology that adapts to you and anticipates
    your needs.
  • Mega-multitasking so you can play and stream
    simultaneously with ease.
  • Future Ready: 6 unlocked cores/12 threads,
    high bandwidth DDR4 memory, ultra-fast
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Ryzen 7

Enjoy a first-class performance in all your
computing tasks, including gaming, thanks
to AMD's high-performance CPU technology.

  • Up to 16 threads to accelerate demanding gameplay
    and workloads.

  • Perfect for high-end gaming, 4K and VR.

  • Server-class multitasking.

  • Optimized for all high-performance graphics cards.
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APU Processors

By combining the processor (CPU) and graphics card (GPU) in your favourite computers,
you can have a better computing experience.


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Gaming PCs

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Results: 1 - 6 (of 6)