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Breaking boundaries, sparking imaginations and making dreams come true, the latest Barbie collection has it all!

Great ways to play

Change the world

A new study from Cardiff University shows that doll play can help the next generation develop empathy. If a doll can help a child develop empathy, a doll can help change the world.

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Barbie style

Kit them out for adventures with our exclusive Barbie looks in cute prints and motifs

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Mini-me looks

You can both enjoy dressing up in Barbie themed outfits

I love twinning with my little one, and we both love Barbie!

All aboard for fun!

Help Barbie have the perfect road trip with the 3-in-1 dream camper, packed full of amazing features

This is a dream set of wheels for every budding explorer

Discover more Barbie

Inspire your little adventurer with this fun video, adventure awaits with Barbie

Discover more Barbie - Video
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Results: 1 - 30 (of 66) Show all