Bridget, New Borns and Baby Daddies

Inspired by the release of Bridget Jones' Baby, here's a fun guide to motherhood Bridget-style!

Bridget Jones' Baby is here. A bundle of joy to all Bridget fans, we have so many hopes and dreams for the film.
So much so, it's inspired us to make an infographic on all things baby.
Will our fave singleton be shopping for girls clothes or boys clothes?
Scroll down to check it out!
Packed with facts as well as advice from top mummy bloggers, we think you'll love it.
If you're expecting, read on and also take a peek at our adorable kids clothes.
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Bridget Jones is back!

She's single again, but has new career goals, a busy social life - and she's pregnant. But who's the daddy?
Read on for our predictions (3 different endings have been filmed!), plus motherhood facts and tips for Bridget, and other new mums ...


Age: 43
Job: Top news producer
Personality: Ditzy, chaotic and loveable
Likes: Chocolate, wine, and power ballads
Style: Bunny costumes and mini-skirts are out - and maternity jeans are in


Age: Forty something
Job: Rich billionaire
Personality: Devastatingly charming and adventurous
Likes: Motorbikes, staying healthy and positivity
Style: Sporty and laidback


Age: Forty something
Job: Highly successful humans rights barrister
Personality: Brooding, the ultimate English gent, honest and loyal
Likes: Sarcasm, honesty and reading
Style: Smart, classic tailoring

Our predictions for Bridget's baby ...

Our predictions if the baby is Mark's ...

Eye colour: Brown. Mark's are brown and Bridget's are blue, so there's a 50/50 chance, but we're hoping for Mark's soulful brown eyes.
Parenting style: Traditional English values with routine. But he has a silly sense of humour too, so probably a big softy too.
Bedtime story pick: Traditional childhood classic, 'The Wind in the Willows'.
Dress choice: Novelty Christmas jumpers, to match dad's.

Baby boy name: William - a traditional English
name, meaning protector. This should
appeal to honourable Mark.

Baby girl name: Alice - meaning
truth and noble. Mark famously
told Bridget he liked her 'as
she is', proving he was her
true and noble, ahhh.

Our predictions if the baby is Jack's ...

Eye colour: With Bridget and Jack's being blue, there's a 99% chance of twinkly baby blues.
Parenting style: Anything with adventure: 'Where the wild things are'.
Bedtime story pick: He's into juicing and good energy, so he's probably read parenting books and blogs, and favours 'positive parenting' and baby yoga.
Dress choice: Cool, laidback tees - with positive slogans.

Baby girl name: Bree - meaning strong.
Bridget means strength, so she'd
probably pass on girl power, and
it's a popular name in the US.

Baby boy name: Kit - meaning
hope, it's a more popular funky
choice recently, so perfect for
modern man, Jack.

Things you should know if you're having a baby ...

Most popular baby names of 2016 so far ...

1. Alfie
2. Oscar
3. Teddy
4. Harry
5. Jack

6. Arlo
7. Noah
8. Charlie
9. Jacob
10. Archie

1. Isla
2. Amelia
3. Ava
4. Freya
5. Evie

6. Olivia
7. Esme
8. Elsie
9. Mia
10. Ellie

Average baby weight


We worked out that Bridget's baby should weigh about 7.3lbs! This is based on the common calculation for working out baby weights and Bridget's height and weight.

Average cost of a new baby


in the first year!

Most popular 'weird' lullabies

Moon River - Audrey Hepburn
Stay With Me - Sam Smith
Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns 'N' Roses
My Way - Frank Sinatra
Island In The Stream - Dolly Parton

Sing - Ed Sheeran
Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice
Timer - Pitbull Ft. Kesha
Groovy Kind Of Love - Phil Collins
There Must Be An Angel - Eurythmics

And some sporting ones as well ...

Ireland's Call - Ireland Rugby
Swing Low Sweet Chariot - England Rugby
You'll Never Walk Alone - Liverpool FC

As Bridget can be seen partying with Ed Sheeran in Bridget Jones' Baby,
we think she'll probably give his hit 'Sing' a go as a lullaby for her baby.

26th September is the most common
birthday in the UK and Wales.

However, Christmas day and Boxing day
are the least common days to be born.

Most popular birth

Late September is the most
popular time for birthdays,
exactly nine months after

Top places in the UK
for birth rates

Here are the top birth
rates around the country,
with the average number
of children per mum:

Barking and Dagenham
Forest Heath
Blackburn with Darwen


Average age of new mums


This increased to 30.3 last year.

And for the first time since 1947, new
mums aged 40+ rose above the rate for
women under 20.

So at 43, Bridget is part of the new set
of fab at 40 mums!

Top tips for new mums ...

Ali Chapman

Ali writes a family and lifestyle blog from the beautiful Devon coast. She is mum to 3 boys aged from age 2 to 16.

Preparing for the birth

Best part of being a mum

Will you be rooting for Jack or Mark in the new film?

What to do in the last days of pregnancy

Best part of being a mum

Are you #TeamMark or #TeamJack for Bridget's baby daddy?

Pack a labour bag and a hospital bag. It makes things easier to find during the labour instead of rummaging around in a large holdall. Also be prepared to be flexible with your birth plan. None of my labours went exactly to plan but I put my trust in the midwives to know what was for the best.

The cuddles are awesome and seeing your baby experience things for the first time. I have 3 boys aged from 2 to 16 who each make me incredibly proud. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing "I made that!"

Sorry Mark but Jack wins for me, any man who makes me laugh would do the trick.

Kerry Norris

With 2 girls, aged 3 and just 6 months, Kerry juggles motherhood with being a blogger, based in Caerphilly.

Take lots of bump pictures. I didn't do this enough and it's such a shame as you forget how big and beautiful your bump actual is. Try and get as much rest as possible. Put your feet up and read a book. Also if you are in a relationship try and get a last date night in as you probably won't get one for a while.

Seeing how you can make your child happy. When they smile at you or tell you they love you, it is the most heart melting moment and you know you are doing a fantastic job

After watching the trailer, I would have to say Jack.

Catherine Lewis

Mum to a 2 year old and a 4 year old, she writes from her home in Norfolk about her family, food and lifestyle.

Managing sleep loss

Best part of being a mum

Who you think would make the best dad, Jack and Mark?

Taking advice from others

When your baby grows up

Best part of being a mum

Mark or Jack for Bridget's baby daddy?

There is the advice that you should sleep when baby sleeps - if you can do that then brilliant! But if not (I couldn't) try to rest as much as you can during the first few weeks. Don't try to do everything - you've just given birth, be kind to yourself. You are already Super Woman!

It's the strangest feeling giving birth, you will have ALL the emotions during labour, but nothing prepares you for the emotion you feel when you see your baby for the first time. There are no words that can describe the rush of love you feel in those first few moments - and the best part is, that feeling never subsides, it only grows stronger.

I'm sure they would both make amazing dads, but I am #TeamMarkDarcy all the way!

Amy Treasure

Amy is mum to two teens and a toddler, meaning life is never dull! She writes her blog from her home in Bristol.

When you have a baby everyone wants to give you advice, even if you haven't asked! It's often conflicting too, so follow your own instincts and only ask others if you feel you need another perspective.

You will never quite get used to the fact that your now teen was once a baby that fit so neatly on your hip and is now a whole foot taller than you. When parents with teens say 'it doesn't last long them being little' - they really mean it because believe me, it goes so fast.

The kisses and cuddles, the unconditional love, the absolute joy and pride I feel for all of my children.

Oh for me it's no contest, I am Team Darcy all the way!