Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide

Our comprehensive guide will help you decide on what works best for your decor, your space and your budget. From cool, contemporary style to a tranquil haven where you can escape the of the day and utterly relax - we've all you need to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Ready assembled or easy assembly furniture?

Ready Assembled furniture

Short of time or not very confident at DIY? Then try our Ready assembled furniture collections. We deliver them direct to you fully assembled or with minimal assembly and in most cases are delivered to the room of your choice and the packaging removed. So all you need to do is just fill them!

Easy Assembly

A bit of time spent by you could save you a packet. Easy assembly furniture costs us less to produce, store and transport, so we pass these savings onto you as lower prices. Our step-by-step instructions make it easy to assemble.

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What do I choose if space is tight?

If you have a small room or a box room, then consider space-saving solutions like overbed units, wardrobes with sliding doors and corner units to maximise every inch of space.

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What do the insides of the wardrobes look like?

Online we have many more pictures of the inside of our wardrobes. We also have many storage accessories like boxes and shoe storage to maximise your space. Each wardrobe lists which storage will fit inside.

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Safety first

Safety first: All our glass has passed the British Safety Standards BS6202 and is tempered so that it's much stronger glass.

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Bedroom chairs and stools

Our bedroom chairs and stools can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics:

  • Chenille - A luxurious and wonderfully soft to the touch fabric that adds a cosy feel to any room.

  • Cotton - Natural cotton is a soft-touch option with a superb depth of colour and detail.

  • Faux Leather - Both affordable and ethical - it gives you the luxurious look of leather for a fraction of the cost - and without using animal products.

  • Faux Suede - It looks and feels just like real suede, but only the price tells you that it isn't. And it's free from animal products.

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Kids Bedrooms

We have loads of kids bedrooms too -- from fun designs for little ones, to cool chill-out zones for teenagers.

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Whether you choose easy-assembly or ready assembled, we only offer you quality furniture using quality materials that are built to last.

Solid wood furniture

The most luxurious of all our furniture. It shows the natural beauty of wood with its grain, knots and variations of colour that can change over time, to give your furniture its unique characteristics and look.

Wood veneer furniture

They look similar to solid wood, but cost a fraction of the price. They use thin layers of real wood to create more decorative finishes.

Wood-effect finish furniture

This material has all the look of solid or veneer wood but for a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Some wood-effect finishes also have an embossed grain-effect that feel like real furniture too.

Wood-effect furniture has some advantages over real wood too: it's easy to wipe clean, the colour and appearance is more even and it's stain-, scratch- and warp-resistant so it's especially ideal for younger families. A wood-effect finish is a heavyweight foil or paper veneer, which is fixed to MDF or particle board.

Hi gloss furniture

This high sheen finish creates looks that are totally cool and contemporary or totally luxurious.

Glass furniture

Glass can brighten up any room by creating a sense of space, openness and light. It's also colour neutral as you can use it with any pattern or colour no matter how many times you change your decor.

Safety first: All our glass has passed the British Safety Standards BS6206 and is tempered so that it's much stronger glass

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Measure up

So it always makes sense to measure your space first. To visualise the size, it is a good idea to lay out newspaper to the size of your furniture so you can see how much room it takes up.

Don't forget to allow for extra room for the doors or drawers to be opened.

All our furniture is measured in centimetres. In order to assist you with your measurements, please refer to our conversion chart:

1 inch = 2.54 centimetres 1 centimetre = 0.394 inches
1 foot = 30.5 centimetres 1 metre = 39.4 inches
1 foot = 0.305 metres 1 metre = 3.28 feet

You should also consider any awkward angles or narrow hallways and stairwells etc that need to be negotiated - especially for ready assembled furniture.

To make delivery easier, most of our furniture is delivered flat pack for easy assembly at home. To help you, we always recommend the number of people required for assembly with the instructions.

Should you envisage any delivery problems regarding access to your home, please mention these when placing your order. e.g. You live in a block of flats and the only access for large goods is via the buildings goods lift at the rear of the building.

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Keeping your furniture looking its best

Cleaning & polishing

Wax polished or hard lacquered furniture should just be dusted with a soft dry cloth.

Waxed furniture should be given a coat of beeswax a couple of times a year to keep its natural shine and lustre.

Spray polishes are convenient but always read the label: avoid those with silicones as these can build up over time and spoil the natural beauty of your furniture.

Glass should be cleaned with a glass cleaner.

Acylic should be cleaned with soapy water, but don't use anything abrasive.

Seeing the light

Natural light will mellow the colour of wood or wood veneer furniture over time.

Avoiding the heat

Wood is a natural product, so whilst it can cope with most temperatures, it is best to avoid having radiators, fires or other sources of heat next to your furniture.

A lack of moisture or humidity caused by central heating or air conditioning can cause solid wood to warp.

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