We've some great tips to help you choose the tree that's perfect for your style. From real trees to artificial ones, pre-lit, twigged, frosted
or fibre optic, plus some useful safety hints and tips, here's everything you need to know to put your tree centre stage.

Real trees are great for adding that special touch of Christmas magic as each
tree is different and the scent just says Christmas as soon as you walk
into the room. They're eco-friendly and you can choose and change your style
each year. Best of all, because we deliver there'll be no needles to hoover up
in your car. You will need to pick up any shed needles in your home and make sure
you've easy access so you can water your tree to keep it looking good.

Artificial trees are a great alternative to real trees with a choice of size,
shape and colours to suit every taste. There are no messy needles to pick
up (or stand on). They're low maintenance as they never need watering
and are a perfect choice for allergy sufferers. Best of all, they can be used
year after year, so they're really cost effective. Plus they're safe around
your children and pets.

Made from modern materials,
these are extremely realistic
with the shape and colour
likeness of a real tree without
any of the drawbacks.

These trees come with the
lights already attached and you
can choose warm static glow
tubes or multi-effect LED lights.

These are designed to look like
they're covered with a thick
layer of fresh snow. Perfect if
you want that authentic
Alpine look in your room.

These space-saving designs
give you a contemporary take
on a traditional fir tree for
maximum impact with minimum

Bring the outside inside with a
tree that looks like it has a light
dusting of snow. They're often
decorated with rustic
berries or fur cones for a
realistic touch. They're great if
you want to create a natural
winter wonderland style in your

The perfect choice if you want a
bright Christmas tree as they
have fibre optics running
through the branches to create
an even spread of lights. Look
out for multi-coloured and flash
features for even more impact.

First consider your ceiling height and available floor space.

To fit in the tallest tree your room will allow, you'll need at least a 30cm
(6in) gap between the top of your tree and the ceiling to fit in that
essential tree topper!

Don't forget the width. A tree with a full shape is better suited to large
spaces whereas a slim, pencil-shaped tree is perfect for smaller areas
and tighter spaces.

Don't position your tree near fireplaces, radiators or any other potential
heat sources.

Make sure your tree doesn't block doorways or fire escapes.

Never ever put lit candles on or near your tree.

Always put the lights on your tree first, followed by your decorations.