Looking for the perfect bike to suit your
lifestyle? Our guide and video tips will help you
to choose.

From mountain bikes to road bikes to BMX and electric bikes,
there’s something to suit every cyclist from small through to tall.

Perfect for adults and the grown teen,
with a strong frame and grippy tyres
that will suit all surfaces (but be slower
on paved ones).They’re the perfect
choice for treks, trails and other rugged
terrain. 29ers have 29in wheels which
aren’t quite so manoeuvrable but will
just roll over rough terrain.

Also known as town or city bikes (which
is where most of us ride), these are fast and
lightweight. Great for road, trail and riding
to the shops, work or park. Single speed
Fixie bikes are lightweight and manoeuvrable
with a fixed gear for fuss-free cycling
round the town.

A cross between a mountain bike and a
road bike, hybrids are great all-rounders
with a strong mountain bike-style frame
and smoother rolling tyres, so they’re faster
than mountain bikes. Ideal for commuting,
shopping and cycling to college or school.

Want to combine cycling with a train
commute? Then a folding bike that can be
stored neatly underneath your desk or in
a handy corner is the perfect solution.
Also great for taking on holiday in the car
boot. Folding bikes have smaller wheels
than rigid bikes, plus a long seat post and
a steerer tube attached to the compact frame.

These often feature characters and funky
designs and are specifically designed for
your child’s safety and comfort.
See Bike Size Guide tab above.
To help your child balance, both stabilisers
do not always touch the floor.

Our electric bikes are light and foldable
with an electric motor that cuts the effort
of cycling. Easily charged at home, the
motor provides an extra burst of power
to whizz you along and over those hills.
Great for commuting and if you don’t
enjoy hard pedalling.

Small, lightweight frames and wheels give BMX
bikes their distinctive shape. Great for stunts
and tricks in the skate park, on the street or special
BMX tracks. A single gear means they’re virtually
maintenance free. Look out for a roto-head so
you can spin your front wheel 360° and still
have brake power

Click on our handy cycle selector for adults to
to find the right bike for you – whatever the surface.

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