Here’s our guide to bringing fitness home, whether you’re just starting out and
want to get fit and feel fabulous or train for a big charity event.
From trackers to treadmills, home gyms to weights, we can help you find the
equipment and nutrition products that are just right for you.

An active lifestyle is one of the key ways to stay healthy, whether you want to
build up, tone up, lose weight or want to find out more about sports nutrition, we
can help you choose the equipment to help achieve your fitness goals.

A fit and healthy body is an achievable and easy way to feel good about yourself.
From building up strength to toning or losing weight, here’s our guide to help
you choose the equipment that’s right for your goals.

Lose Weight

The most effective way to lose weight is to control
your calorie intake as part of a healthy, balanced

Vibro plates are ideal for people who want to get fit
and work towards a slim, healthy body. They
strengthen and tone muscle whilst burning fat and
calories and help improve blood circulation which
has to be helpful in kicking cellulite into touch.

Exercise bikes are suitable for all ages and levels
of fitness, they’ll kick start your metabolism into a
higher gear, helping you to burn off excess body fat
and lose weight.

A treadmill or cross trainer will help you to burn
calories. Workouts feel easier on a cross trainer even though
you’ll burn nearly as many calories as on a treadmill.

Aerobic (exercising with oxygen) or cardio vascular
exercise, which is any exercise such as walking,
boxing or rowing that raises your heart rate to
between 65%-85% of your maximum heart rate
(MHR) can reduce your body fat percentage.

Tone & Strengthen

Benefits of toning include having a leaner body,
reducing body fat and helping to improve
muscle stamina.

A treadmill is a good choice for a total body
workout, they’re a great piece of kit for a healthy
heart, making sure you burn the highest amount
of calories to help you tone core muscles.

A cross trainer works several sets of muscles and
provides impact-free whole body exercise.
Cross trainers (also known as ellipticals)
strengthen and tone both your upper and lower
body. They’re great for whole body conditioning,
helping you to build lean muscle.

Your home gym will give you a toned look without
bulking up if you use it daily with light weights.

Exercise bikes will help tone your lower body
as well as your heart. They’re ideal if you
have sore knees.

A Vibration Plate (also known as a Power Trainer,
Vibro trainer or Vibro Plate) uses your body’s
reflexes to exercise your muscles.
Vibro plates improve your muscle strength, balance
and co-ordination - all without you
getting out of breath.

For gentle toning and relaxation, choose Pilates
and Yoga. An essential piece of equipment is a
Pilates or Yoga mat. Using accessories such as a
balance ball will help you to get the most out of
non-cardio exercise.

Build Up

Multi-gyms are the perfect choice for all-over
power, they’ll increase your muscular strength and
endurance. To build the largest muscles, set the
weights high and exercise 3 times a week with at
least one rest day between sessions.

Resistance training with hand weights, dumbbells or
your own body weight, increases muscular
tendon and ligament strength. Hand weights
(or free weights) are a great supplement
to a multi-gym and an ideal partner
to weight benches.

If you want strength and toning, you’ll need cardio-vascular
exercise too, such as twenty minutes of weight
bearing exercise (where you carry your own body
weight whilst exercising on a treadmill or cross
trainer). Combining a treadmill or exercise bike
with your home gym is a great way to build
stamina, too.

A rowing machine will help build your shoulders.

And finally, check out our guide to sports nutrition
and supplements to help you get the most out of
your muscle building exercise regime.


Your safety is very important to us and you can be confident that all our fitness and exercise
equipment conforms to the latest British and European standards for Exercise equipment: EN957.
They’re rigorously tested and designed to give long life at a consistent performance.

Our equipment is designed for use by competent adults only. Please read and follow the
accompanying instructions carefully.

If you haven’t exercised for a while, having a chat with your GP is a good idea. Do wear comfortable clothing and
sports footwear and keep some water handy. Try to exercise twice a week and increase the number of repetitions,
weights and length of time spent exercising over time.

Whether you want a cardiovascular workout, strength training or to lose weight,
we can help you to choose the right equipment to safely achieve your fitness
goals. From getting started to a total body workout, just check out our advice below.

Activity / Fitness Trackers >

Activity / Fitness Trackers >

Used for monitoring and tracking fitness, giving details such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption and in some cases heartbeat and quality of sleep. Activity trackers are dedicated electronic monitoring devices that are synced (often wirelessly) to your computer or Smartphone.

They’re perfect for monitoring and accurately recording your progress against your fitness goals. Check your weight, body fat percentage, lean muscle mass and hydrations on a fat monitor.

Monitor your heartbeat, capture pace, distance, calories burned, route travelled on a GPS watch and sync to your computer for future use.
Let technology take the strain!

Treadmill >

Treadmill >

Good for keeping joints moving with cushioned decks to make it easier on your joints. Treadmills can benefit your heart and lungs, burning fat at the same time.

You fix the incline yourself on a manual treadmill whereas a motorised incline uses an on-board computer where the incline can set from flat to hill.

Opt for the lowest incline if you struggle to walk on uneven pavements or are recovering from injury.

Designed to be strong, motorised treadmills are heavy and need to be carried by 2 or more people. Once assembled, they can be easily moved around using the transport wheels.

Exercise Bike >

Exercise Bike >

Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, from gentle exercise through to a full cardio workout. A padded saddle to support bodyweight, making cycling easier on your ankles, knees and hips. All this whilst watching TV!

Recumbent bikes have a supportive seat with back support, place you more horizontally and are easier to get on and off.

Programmable bikes set a total distance and workout time and give you different hill courses to follow. They need to be plugged into a wall socket.

Magnetic resistance means the pedalling is always smooth, and tension can be adjusted from easy to difficult.

Rowing Machine >

Rowing Machine >

Great for cardiovascular activity, exercising your whole body from your legs through your mid-section up to your arms, without impact on joints.

Low impact and safe for all ages and levels of fitness, rowing is perfectly safe and won’t cause you back pain, though it can aggravate an existing condition.

It’s best to start with low resistance and increase this gradually as it could take time to adjust to the sitting position. Rowing machines use over 82% of the body’s muscles and are easy to set up.

You can keep smaller models under your bed or hide them away in the garage.

Multi Gyms >

Multi Gyms >

Multi-gyms offer a variety of exercises, from toning up to building muscle bulk. They consist of a stack of weights attached to a pulley system (you move a pin in the stack to change the amount you lift) and a seat or bench.

Unlike barbells or dumbells, multi-gyms give you the correct lifting position, reducing the chance of injury.

Many multi-gyms are large and tall, so please check your available floor space and ceiling height before you order to make sure it will fit into the space you have available.

You can use the weight bench for sit-up and core exercises or with free weights (barbells and dumbells).


  1. Open the cartons and find the instruction booklet.
  2. Take out the parts and lay them out, removing their packaging.
  3. Follow step 1 (only take out the right fixing (nut, washer etc. for that job).
  4. Repeat for all steps.
  5. When assembled, check the gym looks like the illustration and tighten all the fixings.
  6. Check your Multi-Gym is ready to use and stable by using the lightest weight first and all the different exercises and then enjoy all the other functions of your Multi-Gym.

Cross Trainer >

Cross Trainer >

Also known as ellipticals, these combine the benefits of cardio and strength exercise, using your arms and legs. They’re great for low impact exercise (kinder on the joints than running or cycling can be).

Most cross trainers allow you to stride forwards or in reverse to exercise different sets of leg muscles.

Smaller models are cheaper and offer you a shorter stride combined with a more up and down motion.

Larger, more expensive models have heavier engineering, and a longer stride combined with some up and down motion.

Pilates & Yoga >

Pilates & Yoga >

These offer a series of non-impact exercises designed to develop strength, flexibility, balance and even a sense of inner awareness. Yoga aims to concentrate on relaxed breathing, whereas Pilates focuses on the correct breathing to support the exercise.

Pilates and Yoga are a great way to strengthen muscles, get you in shape, relieve stress and increase flexibility. They don’t increase bulk. Most exercises can be adapted to suit any level of fitness.

To get the most out of Yoga and Pilates, you can invest in floor mats, foam or massage rollers, exercise balls and gloves, stretch bands and hand weights plus fitness clothing and footwear.

Weights & Gym Acessories >

Weights & Gym Acessories >

Ranging from compact, seated models to full size (often folding versions) weight benches are the core of strength training. Use them for sit ups and core exercises or with free weights (barbells and dumbbells). Choose from soft grip hand weights, vinyl, or premium cast iron.

Weight plates and barbell sets also use your stabilising muscles in a wide range of exercises. Kettle balls are perfect for swings, presses, twists and squats.

Boxing sets are great for home workouts and even kickboxing. We offer wall-mountable punch bags, floor standing punch and kick aids, plus speedballs and protective gear.

Eating a healthy balanced diet is key to your wellbeing. Supplements can give an extra boost, especially if training or
trying to lose weight. Sports nutrition is based on specially designed supplements that help to make sure you consume
the very best nutrients and the right minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates and proteins for your body to perform at its
best. Different supplements target weight loss, strength building or endurance improvement.

Slimming & Weight Loss >

Slimming & Weight Loss >

Taking the right kind of supplements to complement
a healthy balanced diet and make the most of your
exercise program can help you to achieve your
fitness goals.

Adding supplements that contain key fat burning
ingredients, formulated to help in raising your
metabolism to burn more kcals will give you more
energy. So you can work harder during your
workouts, whilst fat metabolism pathways are
being targeted.

Ingredients include high doses of green tea, bitter
orange powder, cayenne, green coffee, L-carnatine,
and CLA (from Grenade's weight management
products). Plus Carb Killa protein bars that are
high in protein and low in sugar and fats.

Make your slimming journey easier by maintaining
a well balanced and varied diet. It's not just about
reducing your calorie intake but making sure your
body has all of the energy and nutrients it needs
to burn fat most efficiently.

Staying properly hydrated is absolutely vital. Not
only does water cut down on those hunger pangs
(It's a natural appetite suppressant), it also helps
your body's metabolic and fat-burning processes.

Regular exercise is what it's all about, not just in
terms of weight loss but in feeling good.
Varying between aerobic and muscle strengthening
exercises will not make it more fun but will give
you the most potential for the biggest drop
in body fat.

Working out with a group of friends is good as
you'll encourage each other.

Healthy Living >

Healthy Living >

For comprehensive nutritional support, you'll need
support in the form of vitamins, minerals, EFA's
(Essential Fatty Acids) and probiotics to create
the best foundation for muscle growth, repair and
general well being and health.

Grenade's daily ration pack is a great way to get
your multi-vitamins as taking these will make sure
you get your basic micronutrients on a daily basis.

Muscle Building >

Muscle Building >

For this, you need to include a decent protein
supplement in your diet. Protein is regarded as the
essential supplement for anyone who wants to
improve performance, muscle gain or enhance
your body composition.

Consuming extra protein, such as protein shakes
or bars means that your body will recover faster
from exercise and will have access to the raw
material to build up your muscle mass.

Protein is crucial for those of you who are hard
training athletes as your bodies will break down
muscle during exercise. Grenade Hydra 6 is
a perfect choice.

Energy & Endurance >

Energy & Endurance >

It's vital that you consume the right nutrients.
Whether you're aiming for high intensity short
bouts of exercise or longer bouts, it's vital that
you consume the correct nutrients to fuel you
through them - whatever the duration.

You need to include complex hydrocarbons
for energy (Grenade Reload Flapjacks are a
great choice as they're tasty as well as effective!)
Plus amino acids for muscle repair and the
prevention of muscle breakdown with Grenade
Defend being a great choice.

To make sure you get the best of your workout,
Grenade .50 calibre is good for a stimulant
based pre-workout.

Sports Recovery >

Sports Recovery >

It's really important to fuel your body with high
quality protein supplements for repair and growth.
Look out for supplements using a whey isolate
as this aids fast and effective absorption
for recovery.

Taking casein protein at night will help aid long
sustained recovery while you're asleep. Amino
acids and BCAA's (Branch-Chain Amino Acids)
taken immediately after your workout or training
session will help your recovery and help to
prevent breakdown.