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Love the freedom a freestanding appliance gives you and want to know what Smart appliances can do for you?
Our guide will help you to choose what's best for your space and your lifestyle. Please see our built-in guide if
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  • What type of fridge or freezer
    do I need?
  • What size/capacity do I need?
  • What Features should I look for?
  • How about energy ratings?
  • What is Smart Refrigeration?
  • How should I measure up?

Counter top fridges

Counter top fridges are great if you want a little extra fridge space, or just don't need to store that much food or drink. They're perfect for single households, bedsits and in the office. Dedicated beer fridges are brilliant for parties and keeping drinks cool when you're having a BBQ!

  • Compact space-saving design
  • Easy access – no bending down
  • Countertop fridges with an ice box will store those few essential frozen items

Under counter fridges

You can choose from larder fridges if you just want to store chilled groceries or opt for a fridge featuring a small icebox (a small freezer compartment at the top of the fridge). These are ideal for storing chilled and frozen food in the one appliance.

  • Pair with a matching under counter larder fridge to maximize your food storage and m make the most of your kitchen space.

Larder fridges

  • Larder fridges give you maximum storage space for chilled food
  • Match with an under counter freezer to maximize your storage space

Ice box fridges

  • Fridges with an ice box are perfect for keeping a few frozen items handy if you don't have room for a freezer in your kitchen
  • Some icebox fridges allow you to store ready frozen food, others can freeze fresh food down to safe temperatures
  • They're really useful for chilling drinks quickly
  • Ice box fridges cost about the same as fridge only models but are generally more expensive to run.

Tall fridges

These tend to range from around 140 cms up to approximately 200 cms in height. Team with a matching separate tall freezer for maximum storage.

  • Match with a tall freezer for maximum food storage

Counter top freezers

Counter top freezers are great if you want a little extra storage space, or just don't need to store that much food

  • Compact space-saving design
  • Easy access – no bending down

Under counter freezers

Designed to fit neatly under your counter top, these freezers are ideal for smaller kitchens.

  • Pair with a matching under counter larder fridge to maximize your food storage and make the most of your kitchen space.

Chest freezers

Chest freezers are useful if you tend to buy and freeze a lot of food and want to freeze a large amount of fresh produce in one go. They're perfect for storing big joints of meat for Sunday lunch.

  • You can store a huge amount of food as they offer more usable space than regular freezers
  • They come with different capacities – from round about 95 litres up to a massive 400-litres. (A shopping bag can hold approximately 18 litres of food).
  • They're pretty big and bulky – more suited to out buildings than an average kitchen
  • Access is via a door on the top.
  • Most chest freezers are intended for use inside your home. They'll need to feature a dual climate mechanism if you want to use them in your garage or outhouse.

Tall freezers

These tend to range from around 140 cms up to approximately 200 cms in height. Team with a matching separate tall freezer for maximum storage.

  • Match with a tall fridge for maximum food storage


Fridge/freezers give you the best of both worlds with one part of the appliance containing freezer space (usually including drawers) and the other, fridge space to keep fresh produce and drinks chilled.

  • Choose 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30 fridge and freezer split.

American style fridge freezers

Also known as US style food centres, big capacity American style fridge-freezers can be side-by-side, multi-door or French door. They're brilliant for larger families and if you love cooking and entertaining as they store more and you need to shop less.

  • They're huge – tending to range from 60cm-100cm in width and between 60cm-80cm in depth.
  • Capacity ranges from between 400-580 litres (up to 32 bags of shopping).
  • Some models have four doors, whilst ‘French door' models have a 2-door fridge above the freezer drawers.

Separate fridges and freezers

  • Counter top/under counter (larder and ice box) and tall fridges range in capacity from 50 litres to 350 litres
  • Chest freezers range from 95 litres to 400 litres
  • Fridge/freezers range from 100 litres to 350 litres
  • American style fridge/freezers range from 400-litre capacity to a huge 580 litres.


  • Counter top fridges and freezers if you want a little extra, easily accessible storage space, you don't store too much food or want to keep beer chilled
  • Under counter fridges and freezers are good way to maximise storage space in smaller kitchens
  • Tall fridges and freezers tend to range between 143-200cms in height. Use freestanding or pair them up with joining strip if you don't have space for an American style model and want to maximize food storage.
  • Chest freezers will give you maximum storage
  • American-style fridge/freezers have the largest capacity of all.


Continuously circulating cold air means that you'll only need to defrost about once every 5 years.

Total No Frost technology

More advanced than standard frost-free technology as air is evenly distributed in both your fridge and freezer, so there's no-ice build-up and no manual defrosting ever.

  • Multi-flow air system evenly spreads cool air into every corner of your fridge/freezer
  • Keeps your appliance hygienic
  • Constant energy saving – keeps your electricity bills lower
  • Your food will taste better and retain its nutrient value too

Food storage

To get the most out of your food, your fridge's temperature should be between 0°C-5°C and that of your freezer between -18°and - 20°C.

  • Store butter, cheese and sauces on top or centre shelves
  • The middle shelves are best for fruit, left overs, and ready to eat food like pizza and cooked meats
  • Keep raw meat, fish and seafood on the bottom shelf or a chill compartment if your fridge has one.
  • Door racks are the place for eggs, condiments, jam, bottled drinks and fruit juice


Different foods need different humidity levels to maximise their life

  • 0° degree zones are perfect for storing meat and keeping it fresh for longer

Air Flow technology

Air is evenly circulated around the fridge to help food last and taste better for longer

  • Dual cooling technology uses separate airflows in fridge/freezer compartments to maintain the perfect temperature in each.
  • Cuts out mixing of odours between the two compartments


Look out for adjustable shelves, door storage and dedicated drawers that let you store meat and bulkier food items in their own compartments, so you know where to find them

LED lighting

The latest lighting technology is much brighter and energy efficient than standard fridge lighting so it'll cost less to run.

Holiday mode

Found in high end models, Holiday mode is designed to prevent your appliance from wasting energy when you're away from home, and means that you don't come back to a fridge full of spoilt food when you come from that trip to Australia.

  • Runs the bare minimum temperature in your freezer compartment
  • Disconnects the cooling apparatus in your fridge (make sure you've emptied the food).


Water and ice through the door. Help yourself to filtered water and ice through a door dispenser.

  • Non-plumbed water dispenser – help yourself to chilled water on tap – no need to plumb in but tanks need to be topped up manually
  • Plumbed auto ice dispenser for instant cubed or crushed ice with no need to refill the tanks

Anti-bacterial feature

Eliminates more odours and reduces the build-up of any mould or bacteria, keeping your food fresher for longer and cutting down on waste.


Fast freeze

This feature rapidly lowers the temperature if you're adding freshly prepared or unchilled food to keep your frozen food lovely and fresh for longer

How about energy ratings?

Your fridge is always switched on, so it's using energy all the time. The higher the energy rating the more money and energy you'll save in annual running costs. Standard ratings tend to range from B (less efficient) to A+++ energy efficiency ratings but look out for models with new, improved ratings, for example A+++ -30%, that will give you 30% better energy performance than a model rated A+++

Smart appliances are designed to be compatible with your 21st century lifestyle. They can change the way you cook, shop and socialize!

Look out for Wi-Fi enabled fridge freezers and downloadable apps that put you in complete control of your smart appliance.

The Samsung Family Hub has a Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen, so you can manage your shopping, connect with your family and even play your favourite music!

  • Wi-Fi-enabled touchscreens let you manage your shopping, connect with your family and even play your favourite music.
  • Apps let you control your smart fridge/freezer remotely, wherever you are in the world.
  • You can remotely adjust the settings, for example to fast cool, receive message alerts and monitor energy consumption on the go
  • Shopping list reminder function will let you know when you need to top up on food.

Before you buy, please:

  • Measure the space you have available
  • Make sure you allow space for the door to open
  • Think about the best way to get your appliance into your home
  • Check that there's a consistent temperature where you intend to use your fridge freezer to allow it to perform well.
  • Make sure you allow for ventilation on either side of your appliance, for example if you have a 65cm gap, choose an appliance that 60cm wide.

Fridge/freezers go up to 70cm width

American style fridge/freezers are bigger than European models. Dimensions are listed with the product and vary between:

Height: 1750 to 1800mm

Width: 890 to 910mm

Depth: 700 to 800mm

Chest freezers are big and bulky, so please make sure they'll fit in the space you have available to house them.

Fridges are commonly available in the following widths: 50cm, 55cm, and 60cm

Under counter fridges and freezers

These are 85cm or less to fit neatly under your worktop and most are 55-60cm wide.

Reversible doors

Right or left-hand hinges mean that you can refit the fridge or freezer door to the opposite side for obstruction-free access.


Please make sure there is clear access through your garden, hallways, doors etc. so our delivery team will be able to move your appliance to where you want it to go, particularly if you're buying an American style fridge/freezer.

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Service guarantee

Extend your warranty with Service Guarantee! Can you imagine life without your fridge or freezer? What would you do if it stopped working outside of the manufacturer's warranty?

Add to your peace of mind with Service Guarantee which extends your warranty by providing a repair service for your fridge or freezer after the end of the manufacturer's warranty period.

Key benefits

  • Protect your fridge or freezer against mechanical and electrical breakdown.
  • We'll aim to repair your appliance and if it can't be repaired, we'll replace it with an appliance of similar specification.
  • Call out, parts and labour charges are all covered.
  • We use a trusted network of repairers so can guarantee an expert service.
  • The option to spread the cost of the cover on your credit account.

If you already have cover for breakdown through an extended warranty programme included in a premium bank account package or another product this Service Guarantee may not be appropriate for you. Service Guarantee excludes some situations, for example; accidental damage, and any wilful act or neglect. It is not an insurance product.

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