Turn every day into a fab
hair day with our step-by-step
guide to hair extensions.

If you've ever wondered how people can get full, thick shiny hair, cascading curls or a silky straight mane overnight,
all you need are our top tips and big brand hair extensions for head-turning style.

Here are our top 5 must-know hair extension tricks to make sure you're easily the
top-tressed girl on the scene!

Top Tip 1: The perfect match.
The biggest mistake with hair extensions is not matching
the colour correctly. Make sure you match your hair
extension from the mid-lengths to the ends
of your hair - never the roots.

Top Tip 2: The right length.
The longer your hair extension, the more it will weigh.
Try not to go any more than 6in longer than your natural
hair length. You want to be able to forget you're
wearing an extension.

Top Tip 3: Applying your extension.
Tease your hair at the roots where you've decide
to place your extension clip, then spray a little hairspray
there and on the clips to ensure a non-slip grip.
If you have short hair or layers, clip your extensions
at an angle as this will give you a really natural
look around your face.

Top Tip 4: Style it up.
It's much easier to style your extensions before
you apply them. You can add product to give
them texture and then style with a styling iron,
then clip in and style your own hair into
your extensions.

For the perfect finishing touch, just brush through your
own hair and the extensions and reposition the wefts
until you're happy with the results.
Remember practice makes perfect!

Top Tip 5: Hair Care.
Washing your extensions every few wears will
keep them tangle-free as well as clean. Use a soft
bristle brush to keep your extensions lush and shiny; a metal
or plastic brush would be too harsh and cause the modafibres
to break and you definitely don't want any split ends!

Never, ever brush your extension when it's wet and when
you do brush your hair extension, always use a downwards
motion starting at the ends and working your way
up to the clip.

First part the hair in
the lower nape of your
neck and clip it out of
the way. Keeping the
sections straight will
make fitting easier.

Open the clips of the
first extension, place
them in the parting
area, then slide them
into your natural hair
and snap the clip to

Make sure the clip and
extension fit snugly into
the parting and lower
your natural hair over
the extension.

Repeat steps 1-3
for each section as
you gradually move
up your head.

Your eyebrows make
a perfect starting line
when you're attaching
extensions to the sides
of your head.

According to celebrity stylist Jen Atkin
(who numbers Khloé and Kim Kardashian among
her devoted clients), hair extensions are your secret
weapons for an A list hairstyle.

She's teamed up with Beauty Works to create some
incredibly natural wefts that will give you instant volume.

We've persuaded Jen to share some trade secrets
on how to style and treat your hair extensions
to make sure you have nothing but good
hair days from now on!

Home styling.
Use volumising shampoo and conditioner
on your hair extensions, then put them on a trouser
hanger in the shower. Blow dry your extension,
curl it, spray it, then pop it in and curl your
natural hair to match.

Salon styling.
Take your extension along to your next
hair appointment and ask your stylist
to shape it for you and blend it in during
your blow dry.