Choose rotary or foil, mains or rechargeable, wet, dry or moisture dispensing.
There are shavers you can clean under the tap and some are even self-cleaning.
Just choose the shaver to suit your skin and your lifestyle.

Rotary Shavers

Rotary shavers cut in a circular motion, using 2 or 3 rotating
heads to first lift, then cut stubble. Hair falls in angled grooves
where spinning razors clip each hair like scissors between the
groove and blades. If you have really thick and coarse hair on
your face, you shave infrequently or if your hair grows in different
directions then Rotary is the perfect choice for you.

Our Top Pick

Philips AT899/16 Aqua Touch Wet & Dry Shaver (3NX3U).

Hints & Tips

To help prevent ingrowing hairs we recommend using a
facial cleaning brush.


These cut from side to side, using a flexible shaving foil
over oscillating blades to cut hair. Rows of curved razors
oscillate back and forth very fast, cutting hair like scissors
between the mesh and blades. If you like the smoothness of
a close shave then a foil shaver is best for you.

Our Top Pick

Remington XF8500 Smart Edge Foil Shaver (4G9MY).

Hints & Tips

Shaving with an electric razor can help to reduce nicks,
cuts and ingrown hairs.

Hair Clippers

Great for barber shop type results in your own
home. Look out for clippers with style-sharp
ceramic blades and lots of attachments so you
can decide how short you want to go.

Our Top Pick

BaByliss For Men 7447BU Power Glide Pro Clipper Set (27FPF).

Beard Trimmers

Keep your beard or designer stubble in shape. Look
out for kits with attachments to keep your beard groomed
to perfection.

Our Top Pick

BaByliss For Men 7895U I-Stubble+Trimmers (27FPH).

Hints & Tips

As most beard groomers are cordless, they are ideal for travel.

Multi Groomers

These all-in-one kits come with a variety of heads
and attachments for full body grooming.

Our Top Pick

Remington PG6030 Creative All-in one Beard and Body Groomers (EF7NE).

Hints & Tips

Multi-groomers are ideal for achieving an
all-in-one look with numerous attachments
that cater for most needs.

Ear & Nose Trimmer

Specially designed to remove unwanted
hair from ears and noses safely and quickly.

Our Top Pick

Remington NE3450 Nose and Ear Trimmer (4G9MT).

All information provided on this page is a guide. Please follow manufacturer’s instructions.


Rechargeable batteries are
more cost-effective than using
throw-away batteries and
you don’t have to dispose of
them so often. Battery
life depends on the built-in
battery type and gives you
an idea of performance,
hours of use and
number of charge cycles.

Cordless or corded grooming

Cordless shavers and
groomers are perfect for
holidays or when you go away
with work as there are no
cables to worry about.
Corded grooming means
you don’t have to worry
about charging batteries
or running out of power,
just plug in to the mains.

Plugs & Voltage

Most shavers and groomers
use a 2-pin plug for
bathroom use. Look out for
models which work on
universal voltage and adapt to
the local current, so you can
use them wherever you go on
your travels.

Dry Use

No need to use water
and gels, dry use can
cut down the time you need
to spend shaving. And no need
to worry about razor burns or
cuts. If your skin is sensitive,
a shaver that features
a moisturising cream
is a great choice.

Water resistance

Water resistant models can’t
completely protect against
water getting in to them,
whereas waterproof models
can, so you can use these
safely in and out of the shower.
Run your blades under running
water to help maintain

Length Settings

Look out for models
which offer some different
length settings, especially
when it comes to choosing
a beard trimmer, so you can
be sure of getting the
look you want.


Self-cleaning is a great
feature, which makes for really
easy maintenance and saves
you time in the bathroom, whilst
helping to maintain your
shaver’s performance
– at the touch of a button.

Now you’ve selected the perfect grooming products, why not check out our men’s grooming
guide for great ideas on good grooming - whatever your look from clean shaven to
designer stubble or beard. Not forgetting moisturising to keep your skin looking and feeling great.