Outdoor Toys Buying Guide

Outdoor Toys Buying Guide

It's always a relief when you can turf the kids out in the back and get some peace - we've got everything they need for hours of fun and games, from paddling pools to bouncy castles plus lots of tips for keeping them safe too!

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We offer a wide range of trampolines suitable from 3 years to adult, and also sell replacement enclosures for added safety.

Trampolines for younger children aged 3+ come with a handle to steady themselves as they jump and can be used indoors or out. Care should be taken when assembling such small trampolines which are tensioned with a bungee cord and enough time left aside to fully follow the instructions before use.

We also offer a 7ft trampoline and enclosure which is suitable from 3-10 years.

Larger trampolines with enclosures should only be used by children aged 6+ and care should be taken when in use to adhere to the following code:

  • Only one jumper on the trampoline at any one time and always jump in the centre of the mat only
  • Maximum weight guidance in the instruction manual should always be respected for safety
  • Safety enclosures should always be used where available but do not replace the other points in this list
  • All jumpers must be supervised at all times
  • Flips and somersaults should never be attempted on domestic garden trampolines
  • Clothing worn should be loose fitting, hair tied back, jewellery, shoes and neck ties or cords removed
  • Trampolines should be sited on level grass away from branches, washing lines, fences and other obstacles, never over hard surfaces and with 2.5m clearance at all sides
  • Nobody should ever crawl underneath the trampoline
  • Pets should never be allowed on the trampoline

During winter, trampolines should be safely stored, and pegged down in bad weather, then all connections checked before a new season's use.

Always follow the assembly instructions for your trampoline in order to ensure even tension and avoid accidents. At least two people are required to assemble a large trampoline and enclosure set.

Inflatables and Bouncy Castles

The range of inflatable toys and bouncy castles which we sell are only for domestic use and do not claim to be suitable for use in children's parties or for commercial hire.

The following procedures should be followed when setting up and using your inflatable:

  • Never open packaging with a knife or sharp object as this will damage the product
  • Site the inflatable on soft ground or grass only, never on hard surfaces
  • Always follow assembly instructions exactly as described and do not over-inflate as your toy could burst
  • Always follow the maximum weight guide and number of children guide to avoid damage to the toy and maintain a safe play environment
  • Never leave children unsupervised on inflatable toys and always respect the age guidance given

Swings and Slides

We sell a large range of garden play equipment from single swings to multi-play sets in plastic, metal or wood.

The first thing to consider is the space you have available for set up and play around the unit, and the age of children who will use the equipment, and how long before they grow out of the equipment.

The following issues should be considered when choosing and assembling play equipment:

  • Equipment should always be sited on soft surfaces, and play mats may be used to give an even softer landing
  • Some sets can be concreted into the ground or secured with pegs for added stability and details of this can be found in the instruction manuals
  • Care should be taken when siting play equipment that the user will not be blinded by the direction of the sun leading to injury, and that thee is enough clearance for swings and gliders away from fences, washing lines and trees
  • Age and weight restrictions should always be enforced as there is as much danger for an over sized child using swings and slides as for a child too young to have the correct strength and co-ordination
  • Children should always be supervised when using play equipment
  • Equipment should be stored and protected from harsh weather conditions if possible, and periodically checked for strength of connections and corrosion of joints

Pools and Spas

We sell a range of childrens paddling pools, water slides and larger above ground garden pools.

Care should be taken when opening the packaging for these products to never use a knife or sharp implement as this could damage the pool.

Pools should be placed on level ground and a soft surface such as grass with any stones or rocks removed from the area.

Easy up or quick set pools should be assembled exactly following the instruction leaflet included, and in the order specified to make the sides of the pool rise correctly.

Pools left standing for any length of time should have the water treated with appropriate chemical kits to avoid becoming stagnant.

Pool covers can also be bought to keep the water free of foreign bodies and sometimes to use as a solar heater for the water inside.

Pump and filter kits are also available which should be used following the instructions included, this may also include replacement of filters in products such as the Lay Z Spa.

Children should be supervised at all times when using any size of pool or water feature.


We offer cycles for all stages in your child's progress through trikes, balance bikes, bikes with stabilisers and cycles, along with helmets and safety pads.

Some of the trikes we sell are adaptable styles suitable from 18 months up and include parent handles and support straps for before your child can propel themselves, which then adapt to trikes with pedals.

Balance bikes have no pedals and aim to promote a sense of balance in young children before they take on a cycle with pedals.

The table below shows how to choose the correct size of bike for your child by measuring their inside leg. Whereas adult bikes are measured by the frame size, children's cycles are measured by the wheel size:

Wheel Size Age Range (yrs) Height of Child (cms) Inside Leg (ins)
10" 1-3 80-98* 14-17
12" 2-4 92-104 17-18
14" 3-5 98-110 18-19
16" 4-6 104-116 18-201/2
18" 5-7 110-122 19-22
20" 6-8 116-128 201/2-231/2
24" 7-12 (Adult up to 5') 122-152 22-29
26" 11-Adult 5'+ 146+ 29+

10" bikes have easy mount frame shapes with no chain and sometimes come with non-removable stabilisers to help young children gain their confidence on two wheels. It is worth noting that stabilisers on each side of a back wheel may not touch the ground on both sides - this is to prevent falling rather than giving the full time stability of three wheels.

12" and 14" bikes sometimes come with removable stabilisers for when your child finds their confidence and balance.

Children should get into the habit of wearing cycle helmets at an early age and not just when the start to ride near busy roads. Helmets are sold by size, and you should measure your child's head approximately 1cm above the eyebrows. Extra fitting can be achieved by adjusting the plastic dial at the back of the helmet or removing the felt pads from inside the body of the helmet.


We sell a range of scooters to suit children from toddlers to teenagers with adjustable handle bars and weight limits.

  • Tri-scooters have the stability of three wheels and are recommended from 3 years.
  • Children then move on to inline scooters which are available with a range of features and character logos.
  • Care should be taken to never exceed the correct weight range scooter for your child and instructions should always be followed closely for any models collapsible for storage.
  • We sell a range of stunt scooters which are only suitable for children aged 8+ for safety reasons and would always encourage safety equipment to be worn.
  • Electric powered scooters are also available which should be charged and ridden with care but never used in traffic.

Battery Operated Vehicles

There are a range of battery operated vehicles available for younger children ranging in power from 6 to 12 volts.

  • Charging times for battery operated vehicles can be up to 12 hours for 1 hours use, so you need to plan carefully when and where the toy can be used.
  • Children should always be supervised when playing on these items and they should never be overloaded above the maximum weight recommendation so as not to strain the motor.
  • These items are not designed to be used on pavements or roads.

Warnings and Safety

We take the safety of you and your family very seriously and provide as much information as possible online and in our catalogues to guide customers in the suitability of our toys for your child.

You may have noticed on page warnings regarding adult supervision, domestic use only and warnings against giving certain toys to under threes. These all follow the UK Toy Safety Regulations in their application and where they appear, and should be taken seriously when choosing toys suitable for your child.

Choosing toys for children under three years is particularly important due to their developmental stage in mouthing small parts which then become a choking hazard.

Other guidance is also included on maximum weight and ages, and ages from to help you choose for suitability and skills of different age groups.

Many of our toys require adult assembly before being given to a child, and will include instruction leaflets in the box, which may also give hints on maintenance and storage tips.

All of our outdoor toys are fully tested to the appropriate EU safety standards.


If the outdoor toy you are buying is a smaller item this generally will be available for delivery using one of our 'small item' delivery options including Next Day, Standard & Specified Day.

When the outdoor toy you are buying is a large item an additional delivery charge will be applied as it will take 2 of our strong, burly delivery men to carry.

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