The Toy Team Are Back!

Here at Very HQ we know just how important it is that toys are as fun to play with as they look. That's why we've got a
crack-team of expert reviewers in to tell us exactly what's so good about the latest and greatest toys.

After causing mischief in the Toy HQ Jack has the inside knowledge on the latest toys and he is here
to share some of his favourites!

Disney Pixar Cars 3 Ultimate Florida Speedway Trackset

Jack's rating

This trackset is so cool! I've had loads of fun racing Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm. The speed
boosters and special tracks mean both cars go super-fast!

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Transformers The Last Night Radio Control Autobot Sqweeks

Jack's rating

This cool amigo is the latest Transformer to join the Autobots. He has different modes to take on the
Decepticons, and even sings and dances so I can boogie down with the bot!

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Kinetic Sand Magic Moulding Tower

Jack's rating

Kinetic Sand is awesome! I can build anything I can think of and it all pulls apart again easily.
This cool set let me make a kingdom - I even made knights to protect the treasure.

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Despicable Me 3 Talking Jail Time Tom Minion

Jack's rating

I love all the Minions, but especially Tom. This toy says lots of funny phrases from the film,
so he's great at helping me.

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LeapFrog LeapStart Preschool Interactive Learning System

Jack's rating

This LeapStart learning system would be perfect for my little brother helping him learn
English and Maths and it's even got a magic pen to solve everything!

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Minions DM3 R/C Inflatable Jumbo Minion Fluffy

Jack's rating

I've had loads of despicable fun with the radio controlled inflatable Fluffy! It moves in all directions and
even has a button for 360° spins! It's perfect for causing mischief and mayhem!

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Zhu-Zhu Pets Hamster Playhouse

Jack's rating

Swirly slides, big hills and a cool house, this set gives my Zhu-Zhu hamsters a luxury pad to play and live in.
I can even connect it to other sets and build an awesome track for my fluffy friend!

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Mya is part of our crack-team of reviewers here at Very HQ, and we've let her loose with
loads of new toys. She's here to tell you about some of her favourites.

My Little Pony The Movie My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle

Mya's rating

I LOVE Princess Twilight Sparkle! She's so pretty and she talks, sings ansd even tells me stories. Her head
and hoof move, and I think it might be magic, but her wings flutter too!

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Barbie Doll with her DreamHorse

Mya's rating

I've had loads of fun with Barbie and her DreamHorse. The horse walks all by herself, turns around and even
neighs at me. I can feed her with carrots and she's got gorgeous long hair that I can groom with Barbie.

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Disney Beauty and The Beast Belle's Tea Party Cart

Mya's rating

I love having Disney Princess tea parties with this set. It includes Mrs Potts and Chip, and has lots of pretty
flowers all over. It even has little pictures of Belle and The Beast so I can imagine dancing in the ballroom.

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Gel-a-Peel Fashion Station

Mya's rating

Designing my own clothes and jewellery was so fun! The fashion station was so easy to use, and you get
lots of stencils to choose from - so I could design a different top for each of my friends.

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Kidkraft Annabell Dollhouse

Mya's rating

This dollhouse is amazing! It's nearly as tall as me and has loads of room - there's even a
piano in one of them! All my dolls have never been so happy!

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Paint-Sation Anti-Gravity Technology Paint On-The-Go

Mya's rating

This magic paint set lets me paint whenever I want without making a mess. It has loads of bright colours
and a special carry case so I can take it with me on long journeys for when I get bored!

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Bush Baby World Dream Tree

Mya's rating

The Dream Tree is so cute! I can hang all of my favourite Bush Babies to sleep in their Sleepy Pods
and the light up flower crown looks so cool at night.

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Shopkins Shoppies Super Mall Playset

Mya's rating

Me and all my friends LOVE Shopkins, so the Super Mall is great! There's loads of space for me to
show off all my characters and take them shopping whenever I want.

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Mya and Jack sneak into Very's Toy HQ

Watch what happens when Mya and Jack test all of the latest toys at Very's Toy HQ.

Will the mischievous pair get caught testing the toys? Or will they escape before the grownups find them...

Beauty & the Beast, Bush Baby,
Zhu Zhu Pets & Despicable Me 3

Kidkraft, Despicable Me 3, My
Little Pony & Transformers

Cars 3, Shopkins, Leapfrog
& Paint Sation

Gel-a-peel, Kinetic Sand
& Barbie