Why upgrade to Windows 10?

Today's laptops are faster, lightweight yet powerful and even more secure. With Windows 10 you'll have exciting new updates plus the familiar Windows features you all know, only better.

The Windows you know

The Windows you know, only better.

Expect it to be faster

With fast processors and the latest technology, startups are at least two times faster.

Expect it to be thin and light

They're fast, thin and light - on average, modern computers with SSDs weigh less than five pounds.

Expect it to be secure

Windows provides built-in comprehensive security.

Introducing the modern laptop.

Introducing the modern laptop
Shop Windows 10 Laptops

Shop Windows 10 laptops.

Support for Windows 7 has now ended, upgrade to a modern Windows 10 laptop and get the latest security and software updates. Today's laptops are faster, lightweight yet powerful, and more secure. The familiar features you know, with exciting new updates.

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Office 365

Better together.

Create your best work. Get Office 365 for your new PC and save today.

Shop modern Windows 10 laptops and save on Office 365 today.

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Finally. A one stop shop where you can find things.

The Windows 10 search bar can find whatever you need. Apps, settings, documents-just type in the name, and it will pop up. It also searches the internet. So if you need to know the capital of Belize, or how many kilometers equal a mile you can get an answer.

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Find what you need, faster.

Can't remember where you saved it? Or what you searched for? Websites, documents, pics, presentations, and answers-Windows 10 helps you find what you need, faster.

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Print the document, not the ads.

Print webpages from Microsoft Edge without ads or unnecessary clutter. Enable the Clutter Free printing option and print the content you want.

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