Discover the fun, ingenious gadgets that make life a little easier and create exciting experiences. Explore the world from
a bird's-eye view with our range of drones, or find your valuables in a flash thanks to smart tracking devices. These are
the toys and gadgets that will make life more enjoyable and create entertainment for the family.

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Beginner Drones

These are the must-have drones for first time flyers and fun lovers. Discover our range of small,
yet powerful drones, made for both indoor and outdoor adventures.

Kaiser Baas Alpha Pro

This sturdy quadcopter drone is the must-have companion to
any adventure, no matter how big or small, indoors or outside.

Includes a HD camera to record and capture amazing footage.

Features an advanced flip mode that allows you to fly in all directions.

Built in stabilisation reducing any shaking whilst filming.

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Parrot Mambo Fly

• A stable and robust Bluetooth
controlled mini-drone, for indoor
and outdoor use.

• Perform tricks and flips via your
phone or tablet screen.

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Kaiser Gamma

• Record quality HD footage with the
removable 720p camera.

•The Confused Headless Mode
means you'll always be flying in
the right direction.

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Parrot Mambo FPV

• This drone can fit in the palm of
your hand, but make no mistake it
packs a punch!

• Fly for longer with the high-
performance Power Battery
lasting up to 10 minutes.

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Intermediate Drones

Discover the world from a bird's-eye view and capture every moment to create special memories.
These are the drones which have the extra features to enhance your experience, whilst still being easy to control.

DJI Spark

Signature technology that allows you to set your
creativity free with the DJI Spark.

Create professional standard aerial videos with a range of different angles and camera modes.

The GEO system lets you know where drone flights may cause
safety or security concerns, so you can fly worry free.

Like magic, PalmControl allows you to control Spark by hand movements.


"The best product I have ever bought, this is one of the best cameras I have with the bonus of a drone attached!
I can recommend this DJI spark to everyone"

Very customer

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Discover more from the range

Parrot Bebop 2

• Designed to fly for up to 25 minutes
on a single charge, so you can
explore further than before.

• The built-in GPS, ultrasound,
magnetometer and barometer
allow the Bebop to hover with
remarkable precision.

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Kaiser Baas Delta

• Travels an impressive 400 metres
and includes a Geofence feature
that prevents it from venturing out
of sight.

• GPS control means the Delta
Drone can return at the touch
of a button.

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Parrot Bebop 2 FPV

• Boasts a 30 minute flight time,
FPV goggles and a new flight assistance system.

• An exceptional camera that also
captures 360° panorama shots.

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Advanced Drones

Push the boundaries and explore further with these premium drones. Whilst these are still perfect for all flying fun, innovative features allow you to create more versatile and exciting videos and photographs.

DJI Mavic Pro

The ultimate drone that transports you to see
the world as you never have before!

With up to 27 minutes of flight time, you can
cruise worry free and explore further.

Flight Autonomy technology means precise hovering and flying, with obstacles being easily avoided.

Download the app DJI GO 4, ideal for
editing photos with customised filters.


"Bought this drone and found what a high-quality drone it was, easy to control and fantastic video"

Very customer

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Discover more from the range

DJI Mavic Pro Combo

• The Mavic is the only drone to carry
a high-precision 3-axis mechanical
camera stabilisation system.

• Each shot you take with the Mavic
Pro can be up to 4K, captured at 30
frames per second.

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DJI Spark Fly More

• ActiveTrack technology that
tracks objects according to how
fast they travel

• Innovative camera features, such as
Pano and ShallowFocus so you can
explore your photography skills

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These are the fun, ingenious gadgets that make life a little easier and create exciting experiences.

Explore a world of
possibilites with
these smart gadgets

Tracking devices

The innovative gadget and a must-have for those who regularly misplace valuables.

Tile Combo Pack

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Tile Mate

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TrackR Multicolour

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Robots and droids

Bring the on-screen characters to life in your home with these robot companions.

Sphero BB-8™

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Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen

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Sphero Spider-Man App-Enabled Superhero

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Results: 1 - 12 (of 67)  |  Show all