Meet the Xperia™ 10…

Xperia™ 10

The Ultimate Wide display

Get a more immersive smartphone
experience with the Xperia 10’s
21:9 Wide display.

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Meet the Xperia™ 10 Plus…

Xperia™ 10 Plus

More Screen

Do more of the things you love
with the Xperia 10 Plus’s 6.5”,
21:9 Wide display.

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Meet the Xperia™ L3…

Xperia™ L3

All day big screen entertainment

See more of the movies, TV shows, pictures
and entertainment you love with a large
5.7” display and a battery that lasts all day.

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Meet the Xperia™ XZ3…

Xperia™ XZ3

Perfect for entertainment

Experience an HDR OLED display and
stereo speakers in a stunningly slim and
borderless design.

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Meet the Xperia™ XZ2…

Xperia™ XZ2

Made to touch your senses

Introducing Sony's cutting edge technology
in your hand.

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Fell the action with your hands

Meet the Xperia™ XZ2 Compact…

Xperia™ XZ2 Compact

Perfect size. Immersive

Introducing Sony's cutting edge technology
in a compact design.

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1 With a footprint of 135 x 65mm Xperia XZ2 Compact is the most compact 5-inch smartphone. Verifies against the published specifications of over 2600 smartphones with a 5.0-inch display by Strategy Analytics'SpecTRAX Service. Correct as of 22nd December 2017. For more information on Strategy Analytics' results go to:
2 High-Resolution Audio requires compatible wired headset and use of conversion cable

Meet the Xperia™ L2…

Xperia™ L2

Unlock your phone with
a single touch

Thanks to the integrated fingerprint sensor you can
keep your phone secure, allowing only you to unlock it.

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wide selfies

The wide-angle 8MP camera allows you to fit more people and scenary into all your shots!

Big screen entertainment in HD

Watch all your favourite series on the go with the 5.5" HD screen. And you can even operate with one hand by shrinking to mini display view!

The right settings for all your playlists

ClearAudio+ provides automatically optimised settings, providing a more enhanced audio experience.

Meet the Xperia™ XA2…

Xperia™ XA2

Learns and adapts to you

Using smart technology the XA2 learns how you use your phone, giving you personalised hints to get the most from your Xperia. With a borderless design and Corning Gorilla Glass ensuring a stunning yet durable finish.

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Packed with the power you need

Ensuring super-smooth and high quality performance fulfilling your entertainment needs

Battery life
built to last

High capacity battery and smart charging technology keeping your battery healthier for longer

Stand out

The 23MP front facing camera allows you to take super-wide selfies. Plus the expandable storages allows you to keep your fave photos and videos in one secure place.

Meet the Xperia™ XA2 Ultra…

Xperia™ XA2 Ultra

The dual camera for selfies

Ensuring the best shots, day or night. With two
cameras; 16MP camera for those low light shots
and the 8MP camera for super-wide group selfies!
Plus thanks to the 6” Full HD screen you can view
all your favourite images in the best quality!

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Beautiful yet
tough design

Built with a durable yet easy on the eye design, plus the finger print sensor unlocks your phone instantly in one touch.

Super smooth

Whether you're playing games or watching films, the XA2 Ultra is designed to keep up with you. Plus use Remote Play to use your screen for your PS4!

Your favourite
photos in 23MP

Thanks to the 23MP camera developed by Sony expects you can capture stunning photos all at the touch of a button. As well as recording 4K videos!

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Results: 1 - 12 (of 17)  |  Show all