We caught up with Under Armour ambassador Em Furey at the Vanish event to get the lowdown on her workout regime and nutrition tips.

What does your training regime on a
day-to-day basis look like?

It’s varied but I always work out in the morning, rather than the evenings. I normally train 3 times a week, I do HIIT sessions - so lots of sprints, jumps and weights. I teach TRX and I do a bit of yoga but not as often as I should!

Have you got any nutritional advice for people
who want to eat healthy?

Yeah make sure you snack on things throughout the day to replenish those calories. I try to eat little and often but my fast metabolism means I get hungry easily.

Do you have a cheat meal, and if so, what is it?

Domino’s pizza! However, I’m a big believer in not restricting yourself too much. If you want something, then you should have it because you don’t want to build a bad relationship with food. A little treat now and then helps to keep you on track.

Have you got any advice for someone who’s just
starting out on their fitness journey?

Try to go to a class once a week, and if you do anything on top of that, then that’s great. And make sure
you book your classes in advance because then you’ve got something to look forward to!