Energy Labelling Explained

Why have Energy Labels changed?

Since the current energy label was introduced in 1994, there have been huge improvements in energy saving technology.
This has resulted in nearly all products being concentrated at the top of the scale, so the time has come to recalibrate the label.

Increased demand for greener products means more efficient products are now available –
so the old A+++ to G label scales are less effective. The new generation of energy labels will help making your decision a lot easier.

What products have been rescaled?

The rescale needed to be prioritised to make sure that the first products to change were the ones that needed it most.
The products approved for the new rescaling in the UK and Ireland are:

1. Dishwashers.
2. Washing Machines and Washer-dryers.
3. Refrigerators, including wine storage fridges.
4. Lamps (from September 2022).
5. Electronic Displays (including Televisions).

What's changed on the new label?

Here's a quick guide to the current and new energy labels.
The key changes across all product categories are:

• QR Code – This will help you receive product information quickly on your mobile or tablet device.
• Energy Logo.
• New Energy Classes – Simpler A-G classification system.
• Simpler Consumption Usage – A more easily understandable measurement of energy consumption.
• UK Flag – For appliances sold within the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the new label come into effect?

The new energy label will be in use from Monday 1 March 2021.

Why has my product arrived with two labels?

From Sunday 1st November 2020, manufacturers have been required to place both versions of the
energy label in product packaging. This dual labelling period will take place until Monday 1st March 2021,
after which only the new label will be used.

Why do some products have the old label,
and some have the new label?

Some products – such as ovens – do not yet feature a new label. This change is planned to
happen at a later date.

For products that do have the new label, such as refrigerators and washing machines, only
products that the manufacturer continues to make need to be relabelled. Old models which are
being discontinued are not required to be relabelled and can be sold until 1st December 2021.

My new appliance is 'C' rated –
what rating would it be on the old rating?

The new energy label is now more accurate which means products that were
previously rated A+++ and considered 'best in class' will now be rated B or C.

Has the label changed because of brexit?

No, the rescale of the energy label was agreed before the UK decided to leave the EU.
Although the energy scaling and information remains the same, we have now introduced
a UK flag to the energy label to show products sold within the UK.

Will the label change again in the future?

The energy label scale has been reset so while in most cases best in class products
will be B or C rated, average performing products are likely to be D rated or below.
It is estimated that the current scale is likely to be suitable for another 10 years.

Source: UK Energy Trust and EU energy commission.