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Learning and playing all happen at once with Linkimals.

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They link, they sync, they play and learn together!

Even more fun when there's more than one! We talk, we sing, we light-up and learn together!

Baby on the Way

As you gear up for parenthood, our thought-of-everything nursery gear has you covered. Whether it’s a place for sleeping, soothing, feeding, or just having fun, you’ll find what you need to welcome baby home and begin this exciting new adventure!

Oh, Hello World!

There's so much to discover and so many facial expressions to try on - smiling is the best. For now, baby is getting a grasp on everything, including your hair, and trying out that fun sitting up thing everyone else seems to be enjoying.

On the Move!

Finding their groove and their voice all at once is a pretty big deal! The more they practice, the more they'll begin building confidence in those babbles that now form words and those toddling toes that are making great strides!

Toy versions of real things to take your baby from phone dates with Puppy to tea time with the cat!

Smart connect

A real bedtime routine hero - customisable Lumalou Soother & Routine assistant helps as an infant-to-toddler sleep training tool, plays sleep expert-approved music and sounds, rewards little ones for completing daily tasks (like brushing teeth).

Easy to personalise your child's routine using a free app

Take 3 Take 3

Take it home with Take 3

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Results: 1 - 30 (of 43)  |  Show all