Making your house a smart home is easier than you think with Hive smart products.


Come back to a nice warm home without ever having to heat an empty one. Hive Active Heating lets
you control your heating from your smartphone with these beautifully designed thermostats.
And if you've got a hot water tank, you can control that too.

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Hive Active heating with Professional Installation

Easily adjust your heating from your smartphone thanks to Hive Active Heating, this
innovative thermostat lets you check your heating from any location.

Adjust your heating from the Hive app, wherever, whenever.
Perfect for unpredictable weather or when your plans change.

Set schedules so you can come back to a warm,
cosy house for you and the family.

Professional installation from a trusted British Gas engineer
will have you up and running in around an hour.

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Hive Active Heating and Hot Water - Self Install

Adjust your heating and hot water without the
fuss thanks to Hive Active Heating and Hot Water.

Adjust your heating from the Hive app. Perfect for
unpredictable weather or when your plans change.

Save up to £130 a year on heating by
never having to heat an empty home.

Works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

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Hive Multizone

Stay comfy and save money thanks to the Hive Multizone, allowing you to
create different temperature zones throughout your home.

Save energy by only heating parts
of your home you're using.

Set different rooms to different temperatures,
keeping the whole family happy.

Keep organised and on top of your heating by
controlling all your Hive thermostats from one place.

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Hive Thermostat Stand

Make your smart thermostat look even more stylish with this stand from Hive.

Stand suitable for a Hive smart thermostat,
with a super-easy set up.

Sleek, stylish chrome plated design
for those finishing details.

The strong, solid zinc base ensures
your device is fully secured.

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Our family of Hive smart home indoor cameras let you keep an eye on
what's happening at home from anywhere.

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Hive View Smart Indoor Camera

Hive View is a stylish new smart indoor camera. Packed with must-have features like HD live
streaming, person detection and camera history that you can access 24/7 for peace of mind.

Livestream to your phone day or night with 1080p HD,
so you can check on your home from wherever you are.

Choose what you want to see by setting your Hive View to
only detect people and ignore pets. It will even send a
snapshot image straight to your phone when it detects motion.

The simple set up process means all you need to do is plug
in the camera, set it up in the Hive app via Bluetooth and
you're good to go.

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Hive Camera

Check in on what's happening at home when you're away with the Hive Camera.
Allowing you to livestream from home to phone.

Live stream day and night in HD quality thanks
to HD livestreaming and night vision.

Wide angle lens and a zoom you can
control from anywhere.

Welcome the kids home from school
thanks to the two-way audio feature.

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Our family of Hive Lights lets you control, schedule, dim and even change
the colour of your lights from your smartphone, wherever you are.

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Hive Active Light Dimmable Lightbulb

Down for Sunday night, up for Monday morning: set our dimmable smart bulb
to the level you want with a tap of the Hive app.

Save on energy bills by controlling your lights
remotely. Handy for when you've left the house
and the kitchen light is still on.

Set schedules and select a brightness to match the
moment. Ideal for creating the ultimate movie night.

Pair with Alexa and Google Home and easily monitor
the lighting around your home.

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Hive Light Dimmable smart
GU10 bulb - 10 pack

Set schedules or easily control your lights to make it look like
you're at home thanks to this Active Light 10 pack.

Use the Hive app to turn all your spotlights on or
off or to simply adjust the brightness.

Set to automatically turn on with sunset
and down with the sunrise each day.

Easy to set up and install, simply replacing
an existing halogen bulb in your home.

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Plugs & Sensors

With a Hive Active Plug you can turn things on before you even get home,
and make sure things are off after you've left. Hive sensors can help let
you know of any unexpected activity at home, so you can relax when you're not there.

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Hive Active Plug

The Hive Active Plug, compatible with Alexa, lets you control
electrical appliances from your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Simply plug into your wall socket and then plug
in appliances as usual - so you can turn them
on and off from your phone.

Set schedules and timers for your appliances
to come on and off automatically -
ideal for a lamp when you're off on holiday.

Turn off your appliances wherever you are in
your home - you can either schedule via the
app or simply pair with Alexa!

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Hive Window or Door Sensor

Enjoy life to the full, knowing that everything's safe at home
with the Hive Window or Door Sensor.

Receive instant notifications if a door or window
is opened whilst you're away, ensuring 24/7 peace of mind.

Easily attach and set up in seconds.

Connect to your Hive Active Plug with Hive
actions and turn appliances off automatically
when you shut the front door!

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