Whether you’re looking for simple outdoor storage or want to create a spectacular garden retreat, we’ve got lots of structures to suit you including sheds, summerhouses, greenhouses and log cabins.

Sheds and Outdoor Buildings

Explore all the shapes, sizes and styles you need in materials made to last including heavy-duty plastic, rust-resistant metal and traditional timber.

Overlap sheds

Overlap sheds tend to be more rustic in style with timbers overlapping each other to let rainwater run-off. They usually cost less than shiplap sheds. Most wooden sheds come with thin, durable wooden flooring known as OSB (Oriented Stand Board).

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Sizes, doors and windows

Our wooden sheds are available in a range of sizes to suit most gardens. Please make sure the shed you want will fit in the space available and gives you the storage space you need.

Door size is important depending on what you need to get through the door. They come in single and double door options.

Most sheds come with one or two windows (two windows will give you the best light if this is what you need). Security sheds have no windows and are perfect for keeping things safely out of view.

Tongue and Groove sheds

Tongue and Groove sheds have slightly thicker, interlocking timbers to reduce cracks. Most wooden sheds come with thin, durable wooden flooring (often referred to as 'Shiplap')

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Surface treatments

Shed timber is treated to protect against rot and insect damage. Dip-treated timber is finished with a factory applied surface treatment which needs to be renewed every year.

Sheds with a pressure treated finish (where the treatment is forced into the timber at high pressure in a vacuum chamber) will resist rot and insect damage for many years.

Metal sheds

Our metal sheds are available in a range of sizes to suit most gardens. They don’t have windows, so they’re an ideal choice for use as a security shed.

Metal sheds are maintenance free, they’re made from hot dipped galvanised steel with a baked on weather - and insect repellent, permanent colour finish so there’s no need to paint and no need to apply preservatives. And because they’re fully galvanised, they won’t rust.

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Plastic sheds

Our plastic sheds have no windows, so they’re a great choice as a security shed.

Our Skylight range features unique Skylight roof panels, which illuminate the shed with soft, natural sunlight but remain opaque from the outside.

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Skylight Plastic

Skylight plastic sheds are made from durable, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels. They have a durable and rust-resistant aluminium frame plus an anti-slip floor designed with your safety in mind.

Skylight sheds are maintenance free and can be washed with no rusting, rotting or peeling and there’s no painting needed. They’re also 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

Planning and Preparation

All sheds need to be constructed on a suitable base, which must be complete before you start assembling your shed. We recommend that you consider anchoring your outdoor building (especially greenhouses) to make sure they’re secure during bad weather. Anchoring kits are available to buy separately.

All of our outdoor buildings require a minimum of 2 adults to do the assembly. Assembly options are available for some of our sheds with details shown on product pages.


Providing the perfect environment for fruit, vegetables, herbs and plants to thrive, we’ve got lots of ways to help you grow your own, whatever your space.

We have a variety of different sized greenhouses from a compact 4x2ft lean-to for the enthusiastic beginner or a garden with little space. Or for the best of both worlds, choose the glorious 12x10ft orangery that can double as a greenhouse or sun room. Our greenhouses are available in green, silver or black, and all of them use Polycarbonate glazing instead of glass. So they’re virtually unbreakable and shatterproof.

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Positioning your Greenhouse

You’ll want to place your greenhouse where it’ll catch the best of the sunshine. Please make sure you map out space carefully, so you pick the correct size for your garden and to get a good idea of how it will fill the space.

Summer Houses and Log Cabins

From traditional styles to cool and contemporary, make a statement with the ultimate outside space to relax, entertain, work, study or play.

Summer Houses

Create the welcoming outside space you’ve been dreaming of with a stunning summerhouse in a choice of classic apex or sleek pent roof styles.

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Log Cabins

Relax and unwind in a classic garden getaway featuring extra thick wood panelling. Most of our log cabins have an untreated finish so you can style them to compliment your garden design.

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Results: 1 - 30 (of 226) Show 99 per page