The stunning Huawei
P30 Pro will put you
ahead of the crowd with
it's slim design and
double sided curved

6.55 inch OLED


Aurora Blue

Midnight Black

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Super Camera System

Break the boundaries of photography and capture real detail with the 50x zoom Leica quad camera.

Revolutionary Videography Experience

Create stunning movie content with the one click AI video editing function which includes BOKEH, video stabilisation and more.

Wireless Charging

Keep your friends' devices powered up with the HUAWEI wireless reverse charge feature.

The Huawei P30 has all
the latest smartphone
features with a sleek
and stylish double sided
curved glass design.

6.1 inch OLED


Midnight Black

Aurora Blue

Breathing Crystal

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Incredible Triple Lens Camera

Create breath-taking photos in extreme low light and night time conditions with the Leica triple camera.

SuperCharge Battery

Refuel your battery by up to 60% in just 30 minutes with HUAWEI SuperCharge(TM) - the world's fastest charging technology.

Smart Security

Protect your personal data and security with HUAWEI in display fingerprint security.

The Huawei P30 lite
gives you outstanding
features in an elegant
design, all for an
incredible price.

6.15 inch
dewdrop display


Midnight Black

Peacock Blue

Pearl White

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Stunning Display

Big, bold and beautiful, the 6.15” FHD display with a delicate Dewdrop notch is a gorgeous canvas for you to live your life in brilliant colour.

Exceptional Camera Features

The HUAWEI P30 lite's rear camera lets you capture sharper photos than ever before and the smallest details will be crystal clear.

Battery that goes the distance

The powerful 3340 mAh battery charges faster and lasts longer - letting you get on with your fast-paced life. Watch videos, play games and browse all day, nothing will stop you with the HUAWEI P30 lite.

The Huawei P smart
2019 comes with a dual
lens camera, powerful
processing and a stylish,
slim design.

6.1 inch OLED


Midnight Black

Aurora Blue

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Dewdrop Notch Display

The outstanding 6.21” FullView display with delicate dewdrop notch design provides you with an all-around superior viewing experience.

Ergonomic 3D Curved Unibody

A comfortable 3D curved unibody, with a stylish, glossy ceramic-like texture.

Dual AI 13 MP + 2 MP Camera

The new AI scene recognition technology can identify 22 categories and 500 scenarios in real-time for great photos . The dual 13 MP + 2 MP cameras show vivid details of all your standout moments.

AI Selfie Artist

The front camera recognises 8 unique selfie scenes and optimises your photos in real-time with AI tecnology to showcase perfect portraits everyday.

FullView Display refers to standard display style with narrow bezel widths and high screen-to-body ratio.
Only the rear main cameras can recognise 22 categories and more than 500 scenes.
The rear main camera is 13 MP and the secondary camera is 2 MP.
The function needs HOTA upgrade

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More fun with power and style


Clarity with Vision

The Huawei MediaPad T3 10 is
there for you, day or night. The special
low-light and eye protection mode
makes sure that you keep the full
view of your life, reducing eye strain
and helping preserve your natural
sleep pattern.

Elegant Design,
Bright Views

See the world in vibrant colour
through the vivid 9.6 inch display.
Feel the quality in the single-piece
space-age anodised aluminum body.

Take Your
Family Along

Smart app access and content
control allows you to let others use
your device in a way that gives you
full control. Whether you are letting
children play or sharing the device
with friends you’ll always be in control.

The high-quality Huawei MediaPad M5 10 Tablet
will keep you perfectly entertained.


Pure. Simple. Stylish.

HUAWEI MediaPad M5's curved metal
body creates an elegant and beautiful
industrial design that is remarkable
for its simplicity.

Mighty Sound,
All Around

Great sound immerses you in the
scene. The HUAWEI Histen audio
creates a perfect soundscape to
give you 3D sound that is richer
and more layered.

Ultra-vision Display
Captures Every Detail

You will never worry about missing
a detail of any pixel as HUAWEI
MediaPad M5 is compacted with a
2K high-resolution display of 280 PPI.


This 50M water-resistant band serves as a Heart rate sensor,
a GPS positioning device, a fitness tracker, a sleep monitor,
and a message notification device.


A coach on
your wrist

HUAWEI Band 2 Pro doesn’t just
provide comprehensive and accurate
workout data records but integrates
a professional motion analysis
algorithm to help users exercise
in a thoroughly scientific way.

Bold Style,
Seamless Comfort

Style is nothing without comfort.
The smooth ergonomic design of
the HUAWEI Band 2 Pro merges
seamlessly with your wrist to
empowering you to take on any
challenge in style.

Master your run

To run with scientific monitoring,
while getting coaching attuned to
your performance and needs. The
Firstbeat system assesses your
running style, making a tailored
workout for you to increase your
stamina and distance

The standalone 4G connectivity gives you the freedom
to get away from your phone once in a while.



Enjoy the moment without
the distraction of a phone.
Stay connected and make
calls on the go.

Real Watch

Experience the marriage of
cutting-edge technology
and traditional watch-making,
designed to match different styles.

Your Perfect
Workout Companion

Go running or cycling with your
favourite workout beats, while guided
and motivated by real-time coaching,
and have your trail mapped via GPS,
all without the burden of a phone.

The HUAWEI WATCH 2 sport smartwatch integrates health
and fitness, message notifications, voice calls/voice services
and mobile payments into one smart watch.


Coaching on
your wrist

Go running or cycling with your
favourite workout beats, while
guided by real-time coaching and
having your trail mapped via GPS.

Stylish design

The watch features a dual-watch crown
accompanied by an HD retina display
and a ceramic bezel. Plus you can choose
from a selection of straps and watch
faces for different occasions.

Your daily

The Watch 2 brings you important
notifications, lets you pay by simply
flicking your wrist, and helps you when
you need it most with Google Assistant.




At Huawei, we always put our consumers first, regardless of the challenges we face.

All Huawei smartphones, tablets and PCs will continue to receive security patches, Android updates and Microsoft support.

Anyone who has already bought, or is about to buy a Huawei smartphone, can continue to access the world of apps as they have always done. All devices continue to be covered by our manufacturer's warranty and will receive full service support accordingly.

Our most popular current devices, including the P30 series, will be able to access Android Q. In fact, we have already launched a beta developer programme for Android Q which is running right now on our Mate 20 Pro device.

We fully appreciate that you may have additional questions. You can find answers to the most common points of confusion and rumours at








Huawei smartphones and tablets will no longer get software or security updates.

Ongoing security and software updates will continue to be provided to keep all Huawei smartphones and tablets secure and up-to-date.


Android will be automatically uninstalled from Huawei smartphones and tablets.

Android will not be automatically uninstalled from Huawei smartphones and tablets. We continue to work closely with Google and our other partners to ensure our consumers can always enjoy the best possible experience.


Huawei users will not be able to download or use apps like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

For all Huawei smartphones and tablets, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram apps can be downloaded and used as normal.


Windows will no longer work on Huawei PCs.

We can confirm that Huawei devices with Microsoft software will be upgraded and supported.


If you reset your Huawei smartphone or tablet, you will lose access permanently to Android Services and Google Apps.

If you reset your Huawei smartphone or tablet to factory settings, Android Services and Google Apps can still be downloaded and used as normal.


The current situation impacts the warranty on Huawei smartphones.

Nothing has changed. If ever a Huawei smartphone or tablet doesn’t work as intended consumers can rely on the warranty that came with their device at time of purchase.


Huawei smartphones & tablets will offer reduced functionality.

All Huawei smartphones & tablets will continue to function as they currently do.


Huawei will no longer sell smartphones.

Huawei will continue to sell smartphones. Furthermore, we will continue to invest in research and development to deliver leading innovation and the best possible smartphone experience.


Huawei is developing its own operating system.

Our CEO, Richard Yu, has already been very clear on this point in his public statements. Today, we are still committed to Microsoft Windows and Google Android. But if we cannot use that, we will prepare a plan B to use our own OS.


The P30 & the P30 Pro won't get access to Android Q.

We are confident that our most popular devices, including the P30 series, will be able to access Android Q. We have been working with Google for many months to ensure devices will be able to receive Android Q updates. Technical preparations and testing has already begun for over 16 devices. In fact our Mate 20 Pro has already been given approval to receive Android Q as and when it is released by Google.

Here is the list of our product update to Android Q


P30 Pro
Mate 20
Mate 20 Pro
P30 Lite
P Smart 2019
P Smart +2019
P Smart Z
Mate 20 X
Mate 20 X (5G)
P20 Pro
Mate 10 Pro
Mate 10
Mate 20 Lite

Results: 1 - 12 (of 53)  |  Show all
Results: 1 - 12 (of 53)  |  Show all