Okay, okay – so we’ve just seen one Christmas off, but there’s no harm thinking about how you’re going to tackle Christmas 2020! We firmly believe that you should treat yourself whatever the time of year and not stress over snacking on that bit of cheese or having second helpings of pud. If you are looking to make things a little healthier this year, fret not, we’re here to help!

Find your balance
A well-rounded breakfast might be all you need to stave of those cravings till lunch. Try having smoked salmon and scrambled egg on a bagel, or poached egg and smashed avo on sourdough instead of your usual festive fry-up. That way, it still feels indulgent but you’re hitting the key food groups too.

Steamed over boiled
You’ll probably be having lots of veggies with your dinner anyway, but when it comes to cooking, not all methods are created equal. Try steaming your broccoli and brussels instead of boiling the life out of them, not only do you end up with much better texture, but you’ll also retain a lot of more of their nutritional value too.

The main event
Turkey is already a great lean meat to be incorporating into your everyday meal plan, it’s lean, tastier than chicken and there’s SO MANY THINGS you can do with the left overs. Simply remove the skin before eating to make this power player of the poultry world an even healthier Christmas choice.

Tis the season
If you’re a meal prep pro, you probably already know that seasonings are your best friend when it comes to keeping things interesting. Why should Christmas be any different? Add a halved bulb of garlic and fresh rosemary to your roast spuds for flavour that doesn’t rely on fat, or stir some fresh mint through your greens for an instant flavour hit.

Perfect pudding
If there’s one time of the year you don’t want to be missing out on the sweet stuff it’s now! Try making mince pies with filo pastry instead of shortcrust, pick a pavlova that’s loaded with fruit or swap your usual cream accompaniment for Greek yoghurt for a new twist on your favourite desserts. Simple!

More importantly though – enjoy yourself! And don’t worry if your plate is 90% pigs in blankets, it’s Christmas!