Freshen up your laundry

Laundry doesn't pause for bad weather, this Autumn it is time to upgrade your laundry routine.

Is your old appliance not removing stains like it used to or are you struggling to stay on top of the washing pile? Check out the latest to keep your laundry fresh this season.

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Washing Machines

Keeping uniform clean is a challenge at the best of times. Check out the latest in washing machine technology that will make all the parents jealous at the school gate.

Steam Hygeine Technology

Achieve an Allergy UK Endorsed Clean

Hotpoint's Steam Hygeine technology injects steam into the drum at the end of the washing cycle, removing up to 99.9% of the most common bacteria without the use of chemical additives.

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A Energy Rating

A-Energy rating from Hoover

Having a good energy rating on a washing machine is not just good for the environment but it is also good for your pocket. The Hoover H-Wash 500 range will help save you money with its low energy rating.

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Capacity Guide

What does capacity even mean? Check out our easy to use guide below.

Washer size

Ideal for

What can you wash?

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Tumble Dryers

Remember when you worked from home and getting the laundry done was easy?

As you start heading back to the office don’t lose the momentum. Our tumble dryers will make sure your laundry is well looked after.

What Tumble Dryer to buy?


Condeser dryers can be put anywhere in your home that's well ventilated. They work by condensing the steam inside the machine and turning it into water.

Heat Pump

The newest heat-pump operated models use clever technology to dry your laundry by using hot air to extract water from the load, which then evaporates in a tank.


Aquavision from Hoover

With this technology you can always see the level of water so you know when it can be emptied. It is easy to remove and replace into the dryer. You could even reuse the water to help water the plants.

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Anti-rub Drum

Anti-rub drum from Hotpoint

To better take care of your fabrics, Hotpoint specially designed wavy paddles within the dryer to lift your laundry, creating an air cushion that reduces friction and protects fabric softness.

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Washer Dryers

No space for both? Washer dryers are a great solution for space saving and having the best of both worlds.

Rapid Wash

Rapid wash from Hoover

We know how important time is and Hoover's rapid washes mean you get 3 cycles under 60 minutes (there is even one just 14 minutes) which ensure that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned in the quickest time possible.

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Push And Go

Push&Go from Indesit

With just 1 push of the dedicated Push&Go button, the Indesit washer dryer will automatically start a 30°C cycle, perfect for clean and dried laundry in only 45 minutes. It’s so easy the whole family can share the load.

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