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Leg care you deserve

28 April 2022 ● 2 min read

Meet Legology, the cult leg care brand with a difference

Legology was born from a desire to bring women leg care that would make a real difference to issues like cellulite and fluid retention and be a true feel-good experience.

Developed by an award-winning beauty writer alongside a French chemist, Legology is the go-to cult brand for dedicated leg care with its solution-based products.

'My passion – the beauty issue that interested me most of all – was leg care and I felt consumers were not being well served in this. Over the years I’d seen and tried everything that the market had to offer but nothing ever ticked all the boxes.'

Founder, Kate Shapland

The solution, Air-Lite, the brand hero, took nearly five years to perfect. Its powerful, unique formula works to promote the lymph and deeply drain, relieve fluid retention, heaviness, and aches and pains.?

Every product that followed it, from Sun-Lite, a tinted leg cream, to Exfo-Lite, a detoxifying double salt scrub, Cellu-Lite, a diuretic aromatic oil for targeted application to thighs, and Peach-Lite, the firming and shaping cream for bums – has the same deep drainage action – via our Lymphology® Complex – to deliver contour, care and comfort.

‘As vital as performance is, I feel strongly that products, especially ones you use every day, must have a real feel-good benefit.’

Founder, Kate Shapland

Legology products were created to be so uplifting that women would develop a healthy addiction to them. T hat’s why the range has a scent reminiscent of summer holidays, to put a spring in your step when you don’t feel like moving.

A lot of women use the products for the scent alone, reaping the benefits of the products and feeling better about themselves in the process, proving that Legology has managed to change the negative perception of leg care, through its old association with poor cellulite treatments, into a positive, energising, confidence-making routine.

And that, surely, is the right way forward for body care?

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