Wakey wakey, rise and shine – if you need a little help getting going in the morning, we’ve put together the top 10 ways to get the spring in your step. The better you feel when you leave the house, the better your day will be so start it right!

Eat breakfast

This sounds like a no-brainer but making time to eat a healthy breakfast before you leave in the morning is a great energy booster and will stop you reaching for unhealthy snacks later in the day.


There are so many great meditation apps and channels to choose from and making time for even a small 5-minute morning meditation can really help you re-set for the day ahead.

Turn up the music

Listening to your favourite tunes and singing along is an instant mood boost and raises the positive vibes.


Even if you think you’re drinking enough water a day, make sure you start with a tall glass of water to kick start your metabolism and cleanse your system.

Get up, get out

Hitting snooze on repeat can make you more lethargic, when that alarm goes off make sure you get straight up and go about your day.

Power shower

Aromatherapy can really help you feel energised, take peppermint or grapefruit based products into the shower for an instant mood boost.

Stretch it out

It only takes five minutes but a few simple stretching exercises are a great way to get sleep out your system and power up to face the day.

Go bananas

Our favourite yellow fruit is packed full of mood-boosting properties that’ll help get you in the right frame of mind, add it to your favourite cereal.

Let the sunshine in

Even if you drive to work, take time to get a little sun on your face before you start the daily grind. Research shows that looking up while walking can help your mood.

Step away from the phone

If you start the day by scrolling in bed it’ll make you lethargic, promise yourself that you won’t check your social until later in the day.