Mother's Day

My marvellous Mum

Celebrating all the cute things she does
that gives us heart eyes every time.

She says you look nice, when
you're clearly spotty and wearing
yesterday's clothes.

Her cups of tea always
make everything feel
100% better.

Her spare bed is the most
comfortable place on earth.

She uses selective
hearing like a

She has one cupboard full
of take-away containers
like a proper hoarder.

She hits you with looooong
stories about people you've
never even heard of

She ends all her texts 'love Mum
xxx' just in case you weren't sure..

She makes you eat the last
biscuit, because she loves you.

She still makes you zip your
coat up before you leave,
even in summer.

She opens a Facebook account
(which she can't use) just to
like everything you do.

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