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Nip + FabRetinol Fix Eye Treatment

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Nip + Fab Retinol Fix Eye Treatment - the product you've been looking for when it comes to minimising wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area.

Nip + Fab's have made the switch from retinyl palmitate to ultra-effective encapsulated pure retinol. This targeted and effective eye cream is now powered by 2% Lipodisq encapsulated retinol with 0.02% pure retinol for a controlled release deep into skin and vitamin C to help smooth fine lines and brighten under eyes.

What's new?
Nip + Fab's brand-new encapsulated retinol formula contains a form of retinol that has been balanced and blended with other ingredients to ensure optimum anti-ageing results overnight, every night. The new and improved formula will also help to lighten hyperpigmentation, especially those caused by sun exposure.

Why use encapsulated retinol?
Our formula now contains a slow-release complex with encapsulated pure retinol instead of a blend of retinyl palmitate and retinol (which comprised our old formula). Encapsulated pure retinol converts to retinoic acid (the most active form of retinol) quicker and is less irritating than other forms. We use three encapsulation techniques to ensure the range is suitable for everyone, for layering in a routine and to minimise the chance of irritation. The formula is also balanced with other skin-boosting ingredients like peptides, ceramides and hyaluronic acid.

2% time-release retinol complex
Including 0.02% encapsulated pure retinol in a water-soluble structure, ensuring a controlled release deeper into skin.

A naturally occurring alternative to retinol that promises similar results, added to ensure a synergistic complex that encourages cell turnover further.

Brightening peptide
Improves the look of skin tone and dark under-eye circles.

Vitamin C
In the form of Stay 50, visibly brightens and even skin tone, while improving firmness.

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