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St Tropez

Whether you want a sun-kissed glow to bring your legs out of hibernation or the confidence to wear less makeup – the UK’s favourite self-tanning brand, St Tropez not only offers a safe alternative to UV tanning but also enhances your skin’s texture and health.

St Tropez are on a mission to get everyone glowing with confidence! They believe the way your favourite fake tan makes you feel is just as important as how it makes you look, and we couldn’t agree more.

“Our multi-tasking wardrobe of
products are packed in the highest
quality skin-caring ingredients
tailored to suit everyone and every
beauty routine.”

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Wonder products for each stage of your self-tanning journey




From exfoliation to hair removal, find the perfect tools for that all-important prep

Top tip

Avoid wearing fragrance before tanning as it can make the skin’s surface sticky

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Instant tans, gradual colour, tanning mists, mousses, lotions and even more…

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Too much moisturiser causes fake tan to slide off the skin so don’t overdo it

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Moisturisation, light exfoliation and reapplication are the key to maintaining your tan

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Keep your colour topped up with a gradual tanner to avoid too much build-up

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Very big beauty savings on skincare Very big beauty savings on skincare

Very big beauty savings on skincare

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Very big beauty savings on skincare

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Feeling summer-ready

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Feeling summer-ready
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