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Sleep well to be well. The ActivSleep range from Sealy has one goal and
that is to promote healthy living through healthy sleep. A good night's sleep
should leave you feeling refreshed and energised, ready to conquer all that
the day throws at you.

Whether it's taking the kids to the park or hitting the gym, the benefits of a
healthy night's sleep combined with a healthy lifestyle are clear for all to see.
At Sealy we are experts at producing innovative, cutting edge bed technology
that ensures our customers get the most from their sleep—the ActivSleep
range adopts this philosophy and goes that one step further.

The range is designed to enhance the quality of your sleep, combining
the very best fillings with Sealy Smart Fibres to ensure you wake up feeling
restored and ready to seize the day. The ActivSleep range offers a variety
of spring systems and comfort ratings to make sure you get the support
that's right for you.

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The world's number
one bed brand...

Sealy are rich in heritage dating back to 1881. It all began
in a small town in Texas, where a young Daniel Haynes
developed his first ever cotton filled mattress.

Now, over 130 years later Sealy has evolved into the world's
number one bed brand operating in over 50 countries
worldwide. Sealy UK is nestled in the heart of Cumbria,
making over 3,500 mattresses a week from our factory in
Aspatria. We are renowned for exquisite quality by applying
the most advanced research and technology into the most
comfortable and innovative sleeping systems. We recognise
that the quality of your sleep is every bit as important as the
quantity which drives our mission - to make the nation
deeper sleepers.

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Results: 1 - 12 (of 29)  |  Show all