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One of the most important appliances in your home is a Fridge Freezer. They are the two-in-one solution for households with limited kitchen space and are available in a wide range of heights, widths and capacities to suit your kitchen and storage needs.

American Style Fridge Freezers are the ultimate style statement for your kitchen and offer twice the storage space of conventional fridge freezers. They are great for big families and also offer a whole host of unique features like ice makers, home bar and chilled water on tap.

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Frost Free

Never want to defrost your freezer again?

Then look no further than a Frost Free model. Air is circulated throughout the appliance to prevent frost build up, and also means that food items don't stick together, so it's easier to take out single items without defrosting a full pack.

All our American Style Fridge Freezers are Frost Free.

Ice & Water Dispensers

Selected models have Ice & Water Dispensers* delivering instant ice cubes, or chilled water at the press of a button - ideal for hot summer days or when entertaining friends!

* Models with an Ice & Water dispenser will need to be plumbed-in to an existing water supply sited no more than 1 metre away from the appliance.

Fridge Sizes

Standard Fridge Freezer

The most important consideration when buying a fridge freezer is, "how much space have I got?".

Standard free-standing fridge freezers are commonly available in the following widths to fit most standard kitchen spaces:


American Style Fridge Freezer

American Style Fridge Freezers are significantly bigger than conventional Fridge Freezers, so there are a few things you need to consider when buying one:

1.Will it fit in your kitchen?
Dimensions are listed with the product features and typically vary between:
Height: 1750 to 1800mm.
Width: 890 to 910mm.
Depth: 700 to 800mm.

2.Is the access to your kitchen big enough?
Before ordering:
Walk the path that the delivery personnel will take to install your American Fridge Freezer.
Take measurements of all gangways and access points, and remember that American Style Fridge Freezer also tend to be taller than standard fridge freezers.

If you live in a block of flats check that the lift is in service and big enough to hold the appliance.

After you have placed your order our specialist installers will contact you before delivery to identify any potential access difficulties and discuss potential solutions.

3.Where will it go in your kitchen?
Your American Style Fridge Freezer will be a focus point of your kitchen, so finding the correct position to install it is important:

Models with chilled water on tap or ice-making facility need to be plumbed-in, therefore the unit needs to be sited within 1m of a standard washing machine or dishwasher connector (cold fill only).

If in doubt please check with a qualified plumber who will confirm if your water supply is suitable.

It will also need to be within 1m of an electric socket.

After you have placed your order our specialist installers will contact you before delivery to identify any potential delivery challenges and discuss potential solutions.

Storage Capacity

How you shop for your food is an important consideration when choosing your fridge freezer. If you shop regularly, prefer fresh produce and only use the freezer compartment for storing things like frozen vegetables, ice cream and ice cubes, then you may wish to consider a larger fridge area. If you prefer to buy in bulk and enjoy the convenience of frozen food, then choose a model with a bigger freezer.

The table below gives general guide to overall capacity for Standard Fridge Freezers:

Classification Typical Storage Capacity * Suitable For...
Compact/Slimline 6-8 cu ft (169-226 litres) Small kitchens or narrow kitchen spaces
Family 8-10 cu ft (226-283 litres) Adequate for most families
Large 10-13 cu ft (283-368 litres) For large families, with extra space to store wine and cool drinks
American Style 14+ cu ft (349 litres+) Even more space to store you favourite foods, wine, beer and cool drinks

* All our capacities are quoted "Net". This measurement shows the usable storage capacity of the appliance

American Style Fridge Freezers offer huge amounts of Fridge and Freezer space, and are ideal for big families, big entertainers or if you like doing a big 'shop' on a regular basis.

The table below gives general guide to overall capacity for American Style Fridge Freezers:

Classification Typical Storage Capacity * Suitable For...
American Food Centres Total capacity:
17.3 to 19.7 cu ft (525 to 558 litres)
Big families, big entertainers, or for the regular 'Big Shop'
Fridge capacity:
12.2 to 13.5 cu ft (346 to 383 litres)
Freezer capacity:
5.8 to 6.2 cu ft (165 to 175 litres)

* All our capacities are quoted "Net". This measurement shows the usable storage capacity of the appliance

Energy Efficiency

All our refrigeration appliances are issued with a performance class rating for Energy. Each of these is graded from 'A+ - G', with 'A+' being the most efficient and economical in terms of energy consumption.

Look for the energy saving recommended label if you want the most energy efficient appliances for your home.

Energy Saving Recommended

Energy Table
All fridge freezers receive an energy efficiency grading ranging from A - G (with A being the most efficient).

Standardised tests, monitored by Trading Standards, are carried out by manufacturers, who are responsible for grading their appliances.

Energy Saving Recommended

Energy Saving Tips
+ Save Energy & Money by following these simple steps:

+ Regularly defrost your freezer, or select a frost-free version - ice build up significantly reduces cooling efficiency and results in higher energy use.

+ Locate your appliance in an area with low ambient temperature, i.e. away from radiators, cookers or from direct sunlight.

+ Keep your freezer well stocked, frozen food items require less energy to maintain cool temperatures than air.

+ Always close the door.

+ Look out for the energy saving recommended logo on fridges & freezers.

Other Features

Other features you might want to look for...

Other Fridge Features
Anti-Bacterial Lining A special coating on fridge walls and door to prevent bacteria growth, improve hygiene and keep food fresher for longer.
Spill-Proof Shelves Made with safety glass or plastic, the easy-to-clean surface prevents spillages dropping onto the shelf below.
Auto-Defrost This feature automatically regulates the temperature in your fridge to prevent moisture and frost build-up.
Deep Door Storage Extra deep in door shelving; ideal for storing large bottles.
Wine Racks Some models have removable bottle racks, so you can efficiently store and chill your favorite wine or chilled drinks.
Reversible Doors Allows you to change the way that the door hinges, so you so that the door opens in the most convenient manner for your kitchen space.
Chilled Water Dispenser Some models are available with a chilled water dispenser in the door, so on a hot summer's day you can enjoy a cool drink of water without opening the fridge door.
LCD Control Simple and easy to use for precise temperature control.

Service Guarantee

If it can't be fixed we'll replace it fast!

If the thought of expensive repairs brings you out in a cold sweat, our Service Guarantee may be the answer! We can repair or replace your fridge freezer quickly and easily... plus you can spread the cost of protection with your Very Account.

+ If your purchase breaks down and can't be fixed, it'll be replaced.

+ Simple claims service and no callout fee.

+ Protection available for up to 5 years, with renewal available for appliances up to 8 years old.

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Terms & Conditions apply. Service Guarantee does not include some situations, for example: accidental damage, and wilful act or neglect. It is not an insurance product. Service Guarantee starts after the expiry date of the manufacturers guarantee period.

Service Guarantee is offered by Shop Direct Home Shopping Limited. Provided by The Warranty Group Services (Isle of Man) Limited, St George's Court, Upper Church Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 1EE.

Very Account

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