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Have a peek at the cookware info below and you’ll be cooking up a storm in no time. Whether you’re after some new pots and pans, casserole dishes, a wok or a pressure cooker – we’ve got all the handy tips you need right here!

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Types of Cookware

Coated Aluminium
Coated aluminium pans are light in weight & have a non-stick interior to protect the food from transference of the metal. The outside can be polished to resemble steel, enamelled or painted to produce a tough & easy to clean exterior. Always use nylon or wooden utensils to protect the non-stick surface & never over heat as this too can cause damage. Not suitable for induction hobs unless stated.

Carbon pans give extremely good cooking performance, however, they can rust if exposed to water. To get maximum usage from these pans you need to season them before use. It is advised that you never wash a carbon pan, just wipe clean after use, so it can build up its own natural patina.

Cast Iron
Cast iron pans are a heavy duty alternative, they have excellent heat transference properties, which provides a good even spread of heat across the base of the pan. These are good pans to use on Aga cookers.

Hard Anodised Aluminium
The hard anodising process on aluminium pan produces an extremely tough non-porous surface that is as hard as sapphire. A non-stick interior surface is sometimes added. The surface of a hard anodised pan is scratch resistant & cannot be stripped away by cooking. This type of cookware is not suitable for induction hobs. They cannot be used in a dishwasher as the chemicals used will damage the anodised surface

Cookware Shapes and Uses

Always match a pot or pan to the task for which it is designed for. It's shape and size will affect it's performance, you wouldn't boil an egg in a frying pan would you? When choosing cookware the type of hob/cooker should always be taken into consideration.

Fry Pan
Frying pans are used for fast cooking in oil.

Saute Pan
This pan sears & browns food over a high heat quickly, it can also be used for reducing sauces.

Casserole Pot / Dutch Oven
Casserole dishes are best for stews & casseroles or food that is slow cooked.

Stock Pot
Can be used for stews, cooking stock or soups.

Saucepans come in various sizes and are used to cook almost everything from vegetables or cereals to rice and soups.

Griddles are perfect for cooking breakfast on, pancakes, eggs, steak or chicken - an all rounder for frying.

Pressure Cooker
Within a pressure cooker food cooks quick under super heated steam, reducing cooking time & is a healthier way to cook as it locks in nutrients. Saves on energy too.

Fondue Pot
Warm cheese for classic fondue or chocolate for a fashionable dessert.

Use for quick fry cooking over a high heat, this is healthy way to cook as the high heat reduces the amount of time needed actually cooking. Larger woks can be used for deep frying or steaming.

Oven Tray
Used for baking bread and flat product, such as rolls and pastries.

Milk Pan
A small pan, with a lip, used for heating milk

Bakeware is product which is mainly used in the oven, rather than on the hob.

A shallow sided frying pan, used for cooking things like drop scones. Frying pans are used for fast cooking in oil.

Hob Types

Gas hobs are popular because the heat is visible and easy to control. Any type of cookware is suitable for gas. The correct size of pan however should always be used, never allow the flame to extend beyond the base of the pan, this wastes energy, can damage the cokware & is dangerous.

Electric Sealed Plates
This type of hob provides excellent heat distribution across the base of the saucepan, they are also cost effective to run. Any type of cookware can be used. Care should be taken to use the correct size cookware for the ring.

Ceramic Hobs
Stylish and easy to clean, ceramic hobs have a tough glass surface with the heating elements placed beneath. The heat is then transferred through the glass into the pan only. Any type of cookware can be used on a ceramic hob, however, this type of hob can be scratched easily so cookware should always be lifted off to avoid damaging the hob. Cast iron cookware can be used, but given that it is quite heavy alternative cookware types may be more suitable. .

Radiant Ring
Any cookware can be used on an electric radiant ring. Again care should be take to use the correct size cookware for the ring.

Solid Hotplate
Pans with a solid flat base should be used with this type of hob as this ensures that the heat is distributed evenly.

Halogen lamps under the glass top transmits heat upwards. Cookware with a heavy base should be used as intense heat can be generated from this type of cooker. Again, the surface of the hob can be damaged with careless use.

Solid Fuel
Solid fuel burning ovens are hob types such as Agas. Pans with thick bases need to be used on these as they can withstand the high temperatures the hobs produce.

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