Headers are the top part of the curtain,
where you attach your curtain to the pole
or track. The style you choose can
help define the look of your windows,
from classic to contemporary.

Traditionally neat with tightly gathered
precision pleats for a simply classic look
on curtain poles and tracks. Multiple hook
positions allow the curtain to be hung at
different heights. Cords should be tied at
one end before gathering.

Contemporary and easy to fit
thanks to a row of fabric tabs
which you simply loop onto
your curtain pole.

Also called 'Ring' tops with a
row of eyelets across the top
of the curtain which fit directly
onto your curtain pole. No
gathering is required. The
standard eyelet diameter is 4cm.

Your curtain pole or tension rod
slots neatly through a fabric
channel at the top of your curtain
for a stylish gathered look.

Add a touch of luxury to your home....
Choose the perfect style in the perfect
size to fit your windows. Please be really
careful with your measurements as made
to measure curtains are made to your
order and can't be returned.

Did you know that our
made to measure curtains are:

expertly made in the UK

tailor made to your exact requirements

high quality fabrics

available with matching accessories

From plain to decorative Jacquard
weaves, sheer voiles, nets and
blackout curtains, there's a fabric
to suit every room and every window
in your home and every colour scheme.

Sequins, beading, embroidery
or contrasting
fabrics are used to
create the design.

Coloured yarns are
woven into the fabric
to create the design.

Coloured pigments are
applied to the fabric
surface to create the
design. Flock prints have
a raised surface and a
textured velvet-like feel.

A decorative, detailed
and often intricate
pattern is woven
into the fabric.

An open mesh fabric
which lets light filter
through whilst
giving you privacy.

This fine sheer woven
fabric lets the light filter
through whilst still
protecting your privacy.

A lightweight fabric made
from polyester, viscose or
blends of, with a slub-effect
(or thickening) in the yarn to
give it the appearance of
real silk.

The fabric is
back-coated to give it
thermal properties so it
helps to reduce heat loss
in winter and minimise
heat gain in summer.

This fabric has blackout
properties and fully blocks
out the light. With the
blackout effects either
woven into the fabric or
produced by back coating.