Garden Furniture Buying Guide

Garden Furniture Buying Guide

We all can't wait to get outside and make the most of it (while it lasts - grrr!). Whether it's eating outside, relaxing with your family and friends, creating a cosy hide-away-from-it-all space or a party area, there are loads of reasons to invest in some amazing garden furniture. Our huge collection of Garden Furniture gives you plenty of ways to get creative depending on your garden space, your budget, the designs you prefer, the materials you like and the look you want to achieve.

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All Weather Fabric

A man-made woven outdoor fabric, that is comfortable and hard wearing - the only maintenance needed is to wipe the fabric occasionally with a damp cloth. The fabric has been designed for outdoor use, it is UV resistant so will keep its colour even in bright sunlight.

The fabric is really comfortable to sit on and is used in both our premium aluminium frames and our sturdy steel frames.

Available in many different shades and designs; none of our sets have anything less than a 2x1 fibre content for a denser weave, ensuring a stronger finished product and more weather resistance.

Poly Rattan Weave

We use Poly Rattan, which is a man made material that replicates the look and feel of natural rattan, but is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Poly rattan is frost and water resistant and is UV stabilised so will keep its strength and colour even in sunlight and can be left out in most weathers. It is best covered overnight to keep down the maintenance, but a simple wipe with a damp cloth will restore the beauty of this soft material.

The rattan furniture is all hand-woven by skilled craftspeople using traditional techniques. It is woven over our premium aluminium frames or our sturdy steel frames. Our designs vary from traditional garden sets, through contemporary seating and table designs, right onto our beautiful outdoor sofa sets for the ultimate in garden luxury.

Cast Metal

Whether it is cast aluminium, cast iron or a mixture of both, cast furniture gives a classic look, but is strong and long lasting.

Cast alumium will not rust so can be left out throughout the summer season (we recommend storage in winter), and does not retain heat, so on those hot summer days, remains comfortable to sit on. It is also lighter in weight so it's easier to move around your garden or patio.

Products that are a mixture of aluminium and iron have the additional strength and durability, as well as being light enough to move around easily. Common to all garden furniture, they are best covered overnight and stored in a garage or shed during the winter months.

Metal Mesh

We offer steel mesh furniture for the latest look in your garden. Truly beautiful designs incorporate modern styling and traditional design.

Manufactured in robust steel and powder coated for durability. Common to all garden furniture, they are best covered overnight and stored in a garage or shed during the winter months.

Steel Frames

Many of our garden sets have a steel frame. It is the perfect material as it is strong and can be made into both traditional designs with beautiful features, as well as into the more simple clean lines of modern contemporary furniture.

Our factories use a special cleaning process and powder coating to provide the best painted weather resistance.

We recommend using a furniture cover overnight to keep the set in the best condition, and to store the set in the shed or garage during the winter months.

Aluminum Frames

Aluminium is the premium material for garden furniture with beautiful clean lines and superb surface finish.

Much more expensive than steel, aluminium is used in many different designs. It cannot rust and it makes the furniture lightweight to move around your garden.

To keep the set in best condition, we recommend using a furniture cover overnight, and storing in a shed or garage during the winter.

Glass Table Tops

Using a glass top table in your garden will give a beautiful look with its reflective properties and easy clean surface.

The glass top will not fade; it will not lose any strength or suffer from being left outdoors. All our outdoor garden tables use only toughened glass for safety. The toughening process makes the glass stronger, but it will still need care. If an object strikes the glass, or it is over-stressed by a parasol pole pressing against it, the glass can break. If it does, it will shatter into small pieces that are less harmful.

Always use a parasol base if your parasol passes through the hole in the table, and always take down the parasol in windy conditions and overnight.


Lightweight, easy to assemble shades or decorative structure, gazebos can enhance the look of any garden.

Some gazebos have separate poles that need assembling each time; others are pre-assembled and extend into shape and up to height.

Different models have a mixture of open or closed sides, with some models featuring curtains to provide the option of closed-in sides for an intimate space, or mesh sides to keep away the bugs whilst still enjoying the outdoors.

Always try to ensure your gazebo is pegged or tied down for extra rigidity, avoid exposed locations and take down in windy conditions.


Parasols offer shade & cooling, or alternatively heaters can be fitted underneath to extend the evening, lighting can be added for a functional yet stunning effect. They are a beautiful addition to your garden.

Our premium sets often include a "Crank and Tilt" pole which allows the user to angle the parasol for maximum shade.

They must always be used whilst secured into a heavy parasol base. Parasols must never be used without support, especially in glass top tables, or they will move in the wind, possibly breaking the glass. They should be taken down overnight and in windy conditions.

Covers are available to keep them in top condition, and they are best stored in a shed or garage during winter months.


Our cushions are resistant to a light shower and are fire-resistant. This means they can not only be used to enhance our outdoor ranges, but can also be safely used indoors, in a conservatory for example.

The cushions need to be brought in or covered overnight and should be stored in a shed or indoors during the winter.


To preserve the beauty of your garden furniture, protect it overnight using one of our heavy duty furniture covers offered in different sizes.

For longer term storage, consider one of our storage boxes or larger sheds.

Also available are parasol, heater and BBQ covers.


From lighting to heating, from chimeneas, gas & charcoal barbeques to trinkets for your garden we offer a great range to extend your evening even if it gets a bit chilly.

We also offer a comprehensive grow-your-own range, along with some excellent garden storage options.


Most of our garden furniture requires some home assembly.

You will need the most basic of tools, such as a screwdriver, but the instructions will tell you this and guide you through the assembly step by step.


If the item you are buying is a smaller item this generally will be available for delivery using one of our 'small item' delivery options including Next Day, Standard & Specified Day.

When the item you are buying is a large item an additional delivery charge will be applied as it will take 2 of our strong, burly delivery men to carry.

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