Men's Shaving & Grooming Buying Guide

Men's Shaving & Grooming Buying Guide

Shaving is a daily experience for many men and razors have become more advanced and less irritating on the skin. Electric shavers can be used for a quick shave and are convinent. Electic razors are great to use and kinder on your skin eliminating any potential cuts.

Removing facial and body hair is a growing trend and there are great products out there to assist you with this.

Our guide below gives you hints and tips from our experts, so you always look your best!

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Types of Electric Shavers

Most Shavers are rechargable so they can be used in the home or on the go.

Rotary Shavers

These use 2 or 3 rotating heads to first lift, then cut stubble.For example item number PK261 Philips PT920.

Foil Shavers

These use a flexible shaving foil over oscillating blades to cut hair. For example item number PK517 Braun 380

Hair Clippers

Electric Hair Clippers are great to keep your hair neat and tidy. Good quality hair clippers will have advanced ceramic or titanium coated blades and a Pro Power Motor to ensure a superior cut and you can make tiny adjustments with some to adjust your trimming length from 0.4mm right up to 42mm. For example you may want to try 27FPB Remington HC5950 Touch Control Hair Clipper

Face and Body Grooming

It is key that you use the correct product for any face or body grooming. Whether you want to completly remove all hair or to trim and tidy up certain areas. There are a variety of grooming products available for today's modern man. To keep a beard neat and trim, try using cordless beard trimmers, preferably one with a couple of different length settings. For example item number 2CSX9 Babyliss supergroomer

For the more delicate areas, there are a variety of nose and ear trimmers, body trimmers, or you could try a personal grooming kit that combines a variety of heads and attachments for full body grooming. For example item number 25KRJ Babyliss battery operated set

The Shaver to Suit You


Waterproof shavers can be used it in the shower with gel or foam. - For example item number 2CY2P Philips aqua touch shaver


No need for water or gel.


Easy to clean, you just run these shavers under the tap. However they're not suitable for a wet shave.

Beards & Moustaches

Most shavers come with a built-in beard trimmer. Look out for shavers with precision trimmers and guards for catching longer hair.

Sensitive skin

Choose a shaver with a hypoallergenic foil or built-in moisturising shaving system. The Philips Coolskin range dispenses shaving balm directly onto your skin to condition and prevent irritation. The balm will also catch cut hair, making cleaning up easier.

Other Features

Dry Cleaning

You have to remove the guard and either brush or tap the stubble out. Most shavers are supplied with a special brush to do this.


Cleaning Some shavers can be easily washed under a tap.

Self Cleaning

Top end models come with self cleaning docks and base units filled with cleaning fluid, They use a rotary or oscillating motion to rinse the shaver's heads with the cleaning fluid.

Jet Clean System

This lubricates and maintains blades for peak performance and has an active drying feature which helps the shaver to dry quickly after cleaning.

Flex Tracker Systems

Shaving heads have precision blades that automatically track the curves off your face to help protect against skin irritation.

Flex & Pivot Action

Designed with three independently flexing heads in a shaving unit which swivels to make ultra close skin contact, even in curved areas. Catches the most problematic neck hair. The head section tilts back and forth to grip hair firmly at the roots.

Glide Rings

Unique rings keep the gel/lotion in contact you're your skin for longer, resulting in a smoother glide and less skin irritation.

LED Lights

These can show you when your shaver is charging, fully charged and when to charge again. Other indicators may include a light to warn you that the foil or cutters need replacing or the shaver needs cleaning.

Precision Cutting System

Ultra thin heads with slots to shave long hairs and unique micro holes designed to catch even the shortest stubble.

Reflex Action System

Automatically adjusts to every curve of your face and neck for flexible, smoother shaving.

Super Lift & Cut System

Dual blade system to give you a closer shave.

Triple-Track Shaving Heads

Offer 50% more shaving surface and cut hair more efficiently than standard, single-track, rotary heads.

Shaving Tips

Shave Against The Grain

Automatically adjusts to every curve of your face and neck for flexible, smoother shaving.

Pull Your Skin Tight

This helps flat hairs to stand up for easier cutting.

Stretch Your Top Lip

For a closer shave under your nose.

Moisturise After Shaving

Use an after shave balm to soothe your skin, (particularly if it's sensitive) and to keep your skin in tip top condition. Philips Coolskin range includes Nivea for Men skin balm.

Replace Shave Heads

You'll need to change foil shaver heads every 6-12 months and rotary shaver heads every 2 years to ensure you get a close shave.


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