3 payments, 3 months,
pay no interest.

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Sometimes you might prefer to spread the cost rather than pay all in one go.

Take 3 is automatically applied to your purchases, so it's always available. Excludes purchases on BNPL.

Pay the Take 3 amount on your monthly statement to pay this way. Just so you know, you'll pay no interest on the applicable items if you continue making your three Take 3 payments on time each month.

With Take 3 you can choose to pay less than the Take 3 amount. However, if you do,
interest will be charged at your account rate.

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Split the cost of any payments into 3

There’s no interest to pay if you make all 3 payments on time

As an example, need new GHDs?

You can split the cost into 3 so that instead of paying £99 in one go, you can pay £33 over 3 months instead. You don't need to do anything when you order them. Simply go shopping and add your purchases to your account and we'll work out your Take 3 payment for you.


Month 1


Month 2


Month 3

GHD Hair Straighteners



No interest payable

Take 3 is a simple way to split the cost of the things you buy into 3. You can take 3 months to pay for your purchase, instead of paying for it all in one go. The purchase amount is split into 3 payments, evenly spread over 3 months, and as long as you pay all Take 3 payments by the payment due dates, you will avoid paying any interest.

No, to pay with Take 3, you must pay at least the Take 3 amount detailed on your statement, and make all 3 payments on time over the 3 months. You'll avoid paying interest on the item if you do this.

Your purchase will be split across the next 3 statements, and we will tell you when your 'Payment Due Date' is. Your Payment Due Date varies slightly each month, as we produce statements every 28 days.

Yes it's easy to set up a direct debit, you can do this in 'My Account'. You have the option of setting up a regular automatic payment of either the full balance, the Take 3 amount, or the Minimum Payment every month (1 month = 28 days), so you'll never forget.

No there's no limit to the amount you can put on Take 3, or the number of items you put on Take 3 in one go, or across the month. The only limit is your personal credit limit.

No, everything we sell can be added to your account, and will have the option of Take 3. Any delivery charges or insurances you add to your order can also be paid for with Take 3.

Late payments, missed payments and insufficient payments will mean your purchases will no longer be eligible for Take 3 and you will be charged interest. If you fail to make your Minimum Payment by your payment due date we will charge a £12 fee.

Yes, but if you do, you will incur interest and the purchases will no longer be eligible for Take 3.

No, Take 3 doesn't apply to anything bought on Buy Now Pay Later terms.

If you specifically want to make payments towards your Buy Now Pay Later purchase these need to be over and above your Take 3 payment. Call us or go online and request that this payment comes off your Buy Now Pay Later items.