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Connect to your machine wherever you are. Start and schedule cycles remotely, receive alerts and manage your energy costs.

Washing Machines

The quietest spin cycle on the market.2

Boasting the quietest spin cycle on the market, Supreme Care runs at little more than a whisper thanks to Whirlpool's Zen technology.2 The superior engineering replaces the drone of conventional washing machines with a direct drive motor and flawless design.

With less vibration and the quietest spin cycle, late night washes won't disturb your sleep.2
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Supreme Care Premium+
12kg load, 1400 spin

Connect to your machine wherever you are. Start and schedule cycles remotely, receive alerts and manage your energy costs.

Tumble Dryers

The No.1 in Fabric care.4

The No.1 in Fabric Care.4 Providing a longer life for your clothes, Supreme Care dryers care for the most delicate of fabrics and with energy efficient results.

The SoftMove feature customises the drum movement to suit different types of fabrics. So loads with delicate items like cardigans and silks get a gentler touch than denims and gym gear.
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Supreme Care Premium+
10kg load, Heat Pump

1 Compared to a traditional Whirlpool washer without CleverDose technology.  At 4 kg load per cycle with high concentrated detergent and medium level of dirt. Considering an average family of four people.

2 ZenTechnology has the lowest sound level on the market in spinning noise up to 10kg capacity and up to 1400 rpm based on the sound level declared by competitors (status December 2014).

3 The testing among leading European brands conducted by independent Swiss Institute Swissatest testmaterialien AG. (Test Report Nr. 20130292, May 2013) showed Whirlpool technology as having the best drying performance in dryable wool based on IFU-recommended wool load size. (Status  August 2014).

4 Testing among leading European brands conducted by independent Swiss Institute Swissatest Testmaterialien AG (Test Report Nr. 20130293) showed Whirlpool technology as the best in an accelerated garment aging test based on IFU-recommended load in mixed program or comparable (Status August 2014).

Automatically manages the cooking power and time for perfect cooking results. Up to 30 pre-set recipes to do all the thinking for you.

Introducing the new
Fusion built-in collection

The Fusion range offers matching style for your kitchen including a single oven, matching microwave, coffee machine and warming drawers, all offering luxury finishes including soft close doors, telescopic shelves and touch controls.

The Fusion Collection

Exclusive technology with style to match.

Intelligent cooking
6th Sense adapts the cooking temperature and time for perfect results.

Our range of Fusion single ovens offer self cleaning options, large capacities and
exquisite matching design.
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Built-In Electric Single Induction Oven

Wash and dry in just one hour, even on plastics.5 The dishwasher extracts the steam after the final rinse, condenses and drains it away for dry results.


Wash and dry your dishes, even plastics in just one hour.5

6th Sense
Senses level of soiling and automatically adjusts wash cycle and jet pressure, saving up to 50% in energy, water and time.7

Your glasses and dishware will be table ready in just one hour, completely spotless without streaks and water marks.5
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14 Place Dishwasher

5 Using the 1 hour wash and dry program. Based on internal results (Status Augsut 2013). The PowerClean function cannot be used with the 1 hour wash and dry program.

6 Based on internal tests when pots and trays are loaded vertically in the back of the lower rack compared to the same Whirlpool range without the PowerClean solution. (Status July 2015)

7 Based on internal testing. Percentage calculated between the minimum and maximum time and water consumption of the 6th Sense programme.

Connect to your home wherever you are. Receive alerts, reminders and manage your shopping list remotely.


Double the Freshness of your food
with Supreme Dual NoFrost.8

Integrated drawer at 0°C which is the perfect temperature to store raw meat and fish. Alternatively, turn the drawer off to use as normal storage.

Our Fridge-Freezer and Fridge and Freezer pair offer large capacity spaces for your weekly shop. Keeping your food fresher for longer means fewer trips to the supermarket and reduces your food waste.
The clever storage designs means that everything has it’s own space, optimising the amount of room you have in your fridge so you can fit the weeks shopping essentials with ease.
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No Frost Fridge Freezer

8 approximately 50% less weight loss after two days on three sample products as compared to a Whirlpool Total NoFrost fridge. Internal test.

9 Based on internal food tests conducted by Whirlpool, comparing a Whirlpool fridge freezer with FreshControl technology to a Whirlpool fridge freezer with single evaporator Total NoFrost technology.

10 Based on results of SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH, an independent institute, comparing a Whirlpool fridge freezer with FreezeControl technology to a Whirlpool fridge freezer without FreezeControl technology.

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Results: 1 - 12 (of 53)  |  Show all