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Item number KAM4X


Classic &ndash; A quality artificial grass for that perfect urban garden space<br><br>This is a perfect pristine looking grass. With a 20mm, 2 tone thick green pile and a 2 tone brown and tan thatch it is a premium but cheap artificial grass product. It gives you the perfect fresh green looking lawn that we all desire. The cheap artificial grass gives the impression of being extremely well fed and professionally maintained.<br><br>Why not enjoy the perfect lawn all year round that is flawless and chore-less. It&rsquo;s been around for 45 years and artificial grass is about to take off in the UK in a huge way. The tide is turning towards fake lawns because not only is our climate changing, not for the better I might add, but our gardens are getting smaller and our time is more valuable.<br><br>Creating lawn mower free zones artificial lawns look and feel like the real thing! No more weekends spent, mowing, feeding and disposing of the cuttings. The children will be able to play on artificial grass all year round; football games can soon obliterate even the toughest grass, leaving ugly bald patches, creating a muddy mess not just outside but inside too! <br>Artificial grass is a world apart from the greengrocer display grass that we are used to. The key to getting a realistic looking grass is to find one that doesn&rsquo;t look perfect! This means more than one shade of green, straight and curly yarn and of course the token brown thatch (dead bits) to give it the real, natural look. Your neighbours will be envious! <br><br>Consider the places you would like grass, but haven&rsquo;t done anything about it because it&rsquo;s too shaded and grass growth is difficult. You may even find it difficult to get a lawn mower in the area. Artificial grass can be laid practically anywhere and over anything: concrete, tarmac, sand, decking and an old patio area to brighten things up. <br><br>However, the surface you are laying your new artificial grass on does need to be level so if you are considering covering those old and worn paving stones, an underlay or a sand base may be required to level things off. Environmentally, artificial grass does away with large consumptions of water, fertiliser, weed control, grass feed and mowing power and more importantly, your valuable time.<br><br>For an attractive, realistic lawn choose Witchgrass. Our grasses are carefully mixed with light and dark green monofilament fibres, curled and straight with a thatch filament for an authentic look. <br><br>Please note: Artificial grass is available in 2m and 4m widths. Try and decide which will be the most economical way to lay it. Ensure that you order all required grass at the same time to ensure the pieces come from the same batch and colour match.
  • 3 grades: Classic, Imperial & Luxury
  • Free of lead and Cadmium
  • Recommended accessories that you will need: Adhesive & Joining tape