Xbox One Valkyria Chronicles 4 - Xbox One

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Xbox One Valkyria Chronicles 4 - Xbox One

Hundreds of miles away from Gallia lies a battlefield with tales of sacrifice hidden beyond the snow, waiting to be uncovered. A Chilling Gaze into the Flames of War In the year 1935 EC, the continent of Europa is split between the Federation and the Empire. As the Imperial army dominates the Eastern Theater, the Federate forces launch Operation Northern Cross, a last-ditch effort to tip the scales. The commander of Squad E will test his will against the bonds of his allies, the weight of their trust, and the sacrifices they all must make. This is a tale of a bittersweet adolescence: the failures and triumphs of young hearts struggling to find themselves amidst the chaos of the battlefield. CANVAS, the driving force behind the main series' signature, hand-drawn style, has been upgraded to feel warmer and more detailed than ever before. Using indistinct outlines, color bleeding, crosshatched shadows, and bursts of textual onomatopoeia, the engine will draw you into a world like no other. Turn-Based Tactics, Real-Time Action The BLiTZ system has been fully recalibrated, boasting the largest maps in the series to date, more units per map, and an all-new soldier class. Command your troops across a battlefield more immersive than ever. New additions like artillery interception fire bring the real-time trials of combat to life. There are 6 combat classes: Scouts, Shocktroopers, Engineers, Lancers, Snipers, and Grenadiers. Each has strengths and weaknesses that can make or break a battle.