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If anyone knows their gadgets, gaming and tech it's TV presenter and Very Vlogger, Julia Hardy. Find out all you need to know about the latest TVs to suit yours and your families daily needs.

If you're looking for a TV to make sure you can turn your lounge
into a cinema for family movie nights then look no further. It has
a huge 49 inch screen which is big enough for most UK lounges.

Plus with having Ultra HD (which is 4x the resolution of
full HD) it means that the image will be great for really
capturing exactly what the film makers wanted you to see.

Don't forget though, if you really want to have a great
movie experience you really need to invest in some
speakers to really give the powerful picture some audio
power too!

Learn more about 4K... What is Digital Europe?


Why Upgrade?

Some TVs can upscale your everyday
viewing, an upscaling engine can boost
standard HD content to near 4K quality.


Learn more about 4K

4K Ultra HD TVs can boost your standard and Full HD content so it is near 4K quality so you can get the most out of your favourite shows.There are many benefits to having a 4K TV. The stand out feature is the amazing resolution and many have High Dynamic Range (HDR). They give you a greater colour palette with more subtle graduation, more depth and more detail. This helps your viewing experience be better than ever before. The superior resolution means you can increase the screen without a reduction in quality.

What is Digital Europe?

Digital Europe represents the digital technology industry in Europe to help consumers understand the difference in classification of resolution. The logo represents that the TV meets the required number of coloured pixels to be classed 4K UHD so that it provides true colour, depth and clarity expected from a 4K UHD TV.

All smart TV's allow you access the internet to some degree, so you
can access all your catch up services (iPlayer etc) and streaming sites
like Netflix and Amazon.

How you interact with these services (the user interface) can be really
annoying. (Think about having to click through too many pages or the
fact your remote isn’t cut out for navigating the screen very well –
we've all been there!)

This Panasonic TV comes with a Firefox OS (made by the guys who
make the easy to use web browser). The interaction with the TV is
very simplistic and super easy to customise what you want on your
homepage. Which is something other TV's don't really make so
easy to do. You might not think how you interact with your TV is very
important, but when something is intuitive (think of the ease of an
Apple interface) it then becomes a pleasure to use daily.

Why Upgrade?

The 4K TVs includes Freeview Play which is a really easy to use catch
up service that includes BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5 and
now UKTV play.


You might notice a slight difference in price point on this
particular TV, that's because its an OLED TV.

I know, another 'thing' a TV can be. This one is important
as OLED really can provide the best picture quality
at the moment. The problem with the best, is that the
technology is usually new so therefore a little bit more.
But you really would be buying the best!

Not only in picture but LG has a great smart interface too,
so you would really be investing in the best possible TV
that you can buy today.

If you don't need the very best, then here's my mini guide
to the types of other TVs you can choose. See more...


Why Upgrade?

Discover the latest technology with OLED providing
amazing picture quality and easy to use interface.


Jargon Buster


Standard Definition – This is the 500 line TV that we all grew up with. More & more TV is now transmitted in HD (generally below 720 lines).

High Definition (720lines to 1080) is how the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc. broadcast many of their channels, so you need an HD TV to benefit. HD TVs also give better sound. Full HD is found on TVs bigger than 32” - as you can really appreciate the benefit. 32” TVs or smaller tend to be "HD Ready" with 720 lines.

4x the size of HD

You can also get UHD HDR 4K - which means its loads better in terms of colour and contrast too, but of course more expensive.

Additional TV Jargon

High Dynamic Range - This has a wider colour palette than non HDR. This means that there are more subtle colour gradations, which means pictures look more real. They also really bring out detail in dark or bright scenes - If you can afford a TV with it, definitely worth investing in.

All the same thing, usually meaning a 4K TV. It also means 8K, but not that many TVs are 8K yet. And they’ll probably come up with another crazy idea for a name by then.

Ultra HD Premium Certified
Sets out a premium standard of UHD that TVs have to meet to get this quality stamp.

Quantum Dots
A process used to create a TV image. Using Nano Crystals to get a better picture. Let's just leave it at that!

Super HD
LG specific term.

Samsung specific term. It means Its Ultra HD and uses Quantum Dots.

4K Pro
Panasonic specific term for an enhanced 4K experience.

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