Buy Now Pay Later

Choose to delay your payment
for up to a year.


Enjoy it now and delay payment for up to a year

Avoid interest when you pay it off within the payment free period

Great for unexpected purchases that you need quickly

  • Interest is calculated from point of order and charged at the end of the payment free period, if you haven't paid in full
    by this time.
  • Paying in full and on time before the end of your chosen Buy Now Pay Later period will ensure no interest is charged.
    It's important to read your statements as they detail your payment dates and include reminders.
  • Allow plenty of time for your payment to reach us, some payment methods take longer than others.
  • Paying at your own pace keeps you in control. You can manage your budget by paying off small amounts along the way
    and settle early too.
  • Remember to allocate your Buy Now Pay Later Payment to the specific item you wish to pay off, and ensure you also pay
    your minimum payment if one is due. You can do this in My Account or by phone.
  • If you're not ready to pay at the end of the Buy Now Pay Later period you can choose to spread the cost further by paying at least the minimum amount shown on your statement. The cost will be made up of the remaining Buy Now Pay Later balance plus any interest accrued during your chosen payment free period.
  • Delivery, installation and insurance products can't be placed on Buy Now Pay Later (exclusions will be pointed out when
    you order). These charges will appear on your next statement and a payment will be due by the payment due date.
  • The payment-free period will start from the date of order, including pre-orders and items not ready for immediate despatch.
  • The interest will be added to your account at the end of the payment-free period. Please remember, this will reduce your ‘Available to spend’ against your agreed credit limit.
  • The ability for you to use Buy Now Pay Later will depend on how you manage your account and your credit status.

Choose to either

Pay one lump sum before the payment free period ends. Pay no interest.


Pay in chunks before the payment free period ends. Pay no interest.

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