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Health and fitness advanced smartwatches from Fitbit last up to 6 days and feature activity, sleep, heart rate tracking notifications, apps, heart health, stress management, skin temperature trends & more.

Take your pick from the all new Fitbit Sense, Versa Family and Ionic smartwatches.

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Your guide to better health

Heart Rate Rhythm Assessment

Screen for atrial fibrillation with the ECG app and easily share results with your docotor.**

Stress Management

The EDA Scan app detects electrodermal activity which may indicate your body’s response to stress.

Skin Temperature Sensor

An on-wrist skin temperature sensor logs yours each night so you can see how it varies.

High & low Heart Rate Notifications

High & low heart rate notifications alert you if yours seems above or below your average.

Premium Guided Programmes

Personalised health & fitness guidance with a free 6-month trial of Fitbit Premium*. Worth up to £47.94.

Leading Edge Design

Sophisticated polish on a stainless steel ring and a seamless fit with upgraded infinity band design.

*This offer is open to new and returning users. Must activate with device. Valid payment method required. Free trial must be activated within 60 days of device activation. Cancel before free trial ends to avoid subscription fees. Visit for full terms & conditions.

**The Fitbit ECG app has received a CE mark and will be available in selected EU countries in October 2020. Not intended for use by people under 22 years old. See for additional details.

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Discover your best you

Set the Pace with GPS

Leave your phone at home and track pace & distance during runs, rides and more with built-in GPS—then see your workout intensity map in the Fitbit app.

Active Zone Minutes

Active Zone Minutes uses your resting heart rate to gauge exercise effort and gives you a buzz when you step up the intensity so you can make the most of your workouts.

Fast Charge

Fast charging means less time charging and more time moving with a day’s worth of charge in just 12 minutes.

Voice Control

Use your voice with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa Built-in to check the weather, set reminders, control smart home appliances and more from your watch. Voice assistant availability and features may vary, see

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Live your best life

Voice control with Amazon Alexa1

Use built-in voice control to check the weather, set reminders and do more from your smartwatch1.

Store and play 300+ songs2

Control your Spotify app and add Deezer playlists - plus store and play 300+ songs on your wrist2.

Always-on display mode3

With always-on display mode, your information's just a quick glance away during workouts3.

Daily sleep-quality score

Based on your heart rate, time asleep, restlessness and breathing, Sleep Score helps you better understand your sleep quality each night.

1Third-party account and app may be required. 2Subscriptions required. 3Always-on display requires more frequent charging.

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Live boldly

All Day Activity

Track heart rate, activity and sleep, and get personal guidance to help reach your goals.

Favourite Apps

Your favourite apps for fitness, social, sports and more are just one tap away.

Strong Battery Life

With a multi-day battery life of 6+ days you can track your morning, night and everything in between (Varies with use and other factors).

Guiding Breathing Sessions

Find moments of calm throughout the day with personalised breathing sessions based on your heart rate.

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Fitness trackers

With activity and sleep tracking, calories burned and more, fitness trackers from Fitbit will get you empowered to make a change and embrace your weight and fitness goals.

Take your pick from the Inspire 2 and Charge 4 fitness trackers.

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Your guide to better health

Active Zone Minutes

Fitbit Luxe helps you benchmark and progress your workouts by buzzing when you reach your personalised target heart rates.

Stress Management & Wellness

Track signs of stress with the in-app stress management score and improve wellness with breathing sessions and mindfulness content.

Sleek Design

The Fitbit Luxe has a sleek design and a smooth finish which makes it comfortable for all-day use.

Sleep Tracking

Get insights into your sleep habits and helpful tips for improving sleep quality with sleep tracking and sleep score in the Fitbit App.

Menstrual Health Tracking

Track your menstrual cycles and get insights into your body changes with in-app menstrual health tracking.

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All the tools for a healthier you

Premium Guided Programmes

Free 1-year Fitbit Premium trial gives you personalised guidance, insights and motivation to help you reach your goals*. Worth up to £79.

Active Zone Minutes

Earn Active Zone Minutes as you progress toward your weekly 150 minutes of heart-pumping activity.

24/7 Heart Rate

Use 24/7 heart rate to track resting heart rate & better measure calorie burn.

All-Day Activity Tracking

Track all-day activity: your steps, distance, hourly activity and calories burned.

Strong battery life

Enjoy up to 10 days of battery life for daily progress without constant charging. Battery varies with use and other factors.

*This offer is open to new and returning users. Must activate with the device. Valid payment method required. Free trial must be activated within 60 days of device activation. Cancel before the free trial ends to avoid subscription fees. Visit for full terms & conditions.

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Know yourself to improve yourself

Active Zone Minutes

A new and more personalised way to measure your physical activity. Using 24/7 PurePulse heart rate tracking, automatically calculate “Active Zones” based on your resting heart rate and age. These Active Zones are targets for your heart rate during exercise.

Up To 7 Days Battery Life

With a multi-day battery life of up to seven days, Fitbit Charge 4 keeps the insights and inspiration coming day and night*.
*Varies with use and other factors.

GPS Tracking

On device GSP tracking, no need to conenect to your smartphone to give greater flexiblity.

Fitbit Pay

Make secure purchases when you tap to pay with your Charge 4, no wallet or phone necessary!

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Kids trackers

Get kids moving and make fitness fun with Fitbit Ace 3. With activity and sleep tracking, fun challenges and up to 8 days of battery, Ace 3 motivates kids, friends and family to build healthy habits together.

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Your guide to better health

Water-Resistant to 50mm

Fitbit Ace 3 is water resistant to 50M, kids can wear it in the shower, pool and beyond.

Up to 8 Days Battery Life

With a battery life of up to 8 days, Fitbit Ace 3 lets kids spend less time charging and more time moving.

Family Challenges

The Fitbit Ace 3 allows kids to send in-app messages and engage family members in fun challenges.

Animated Clock Faces

Fitness made fun! The Fitbit Ace 3 enables a little mischief with animated clock faces that change as kids make progress towards their daily goals.

Sleep Tracking

Kids need good sleep habits for great health and Fitbit Ace 3 gives you insights into your children’s sleep and rest habits.

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Choose from different accessory bands to match your smartwatch or fitness tracker, and check out the rest of the Fitbit range.

Smart scales

Smart scales from Fitbit can help you track your weight, body fat percentage, BMI and more. Use the Fitbit app, smartwatches and trackers to find features to reach your goals and get a clearer picture of your health.

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Simple and Accurate

In a single step, Aria Air tracks your weight and syncs your stats to the Fitbit app where you can see your BMI based on your weight and profile information.

Works with Multiple Users

Aria Air allows multiple users to measure their weight when their phone is connected to the scale by simply syncing through the Fitbit app.

Syncs Wirelessly Via Bluetooth

Using your smartphone's Bluetooth wireless technology, Aria Air syncs your stats to your Fitbit account where you can view your progress over time.

Use with Fitbit Smartwatches and Trackers

Aria Air syncs to the Fitbit app where it works alongside Fitbit smartwatches and trackers to give you more tools to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

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Tracker Compatible

You’ll be able to gain a better understanding of how your workouts are impacting your weight, with the scale working alongside Fitbit watches and trackers.

Wireless Syncing

Sync your workout stats wirelessly and automatically to computers and 200+ leading IOS and Android devices.

Sleek Design

Built with a glass surface for a contemporary look and to fit seamlessly in any room.

Multiple Users

Recognises up to eight users while keeping your own individual results private.

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