The World As Your Gallery

See the wonders of the World with Gallery Mode on LG OLED TV. Enjoy stunning images and artwork from around the globe, without leaving your lounge. With a simple voice command or press of a button you will see and feel the incredible beauty of nature and art.

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Vivid 4K Viewing
From All Angles

LG SUPER UHD TV shows accurate colour even at off center angles. It maintains precise colour and allows everyone to enjoy the magnificent picture no matter where they sit.

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LG ULTRA HD represents the next level of picture quality and
clarity, boasting a resolution four times higher than Full HD.

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Cinematic Sound at Home
with Dolby Atmos®

The next step in audio immersion. Add drama and excitement to all your entertainment. Hear every word spoken clearly. Our sound bar range includes the LG SK9Y with Dolby Atmos® that moves sound in three-dimensional space. Amaze your ears.

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Speakers and Hi-Fi

Sound makes every moment of your life special. Sound and your passion for it, is precious. We love your passion for sound. 'XBOOM Go' is LG's all-new speaker brand, designed for a premium sound experience. Any which way you like it.

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American Style Fridge Freezers

Quick, convenient access on-the-go.

Advanced engineering has resulted in the best range of LG American Style refrigerators for your home.

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Multi Door Fridge freezers

Refrigeration organisation - There's no such thing as too much.

The versatile top drawer adapts to your needs, giving you additional refrigerator or freezer space when you need it.

Fridge Freezers

Energy-efficiency meets lasting freshness.

With a host of innovative storage solutions, LG Fridge Freezers ensure each food type is perfectly chilled to maximise freshness, taste and product life.

Washing Machines

For your heaviest loads, look to LG.

Laundry doesn’t take as long when you wash smart thanks to advancements like Turbowash, featuring industry-leading load capacity, Steam technology and a 99.9% Allergy Care system.

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Washer Dryers

The perfect space-saver-ALL-in-one washer dryers.

LG Washer Dryers are the perfect combination of design and performance with features like ECO Hybrid energy efficiency rating and Direct Drive which reduces vibration and overall noise.

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Tumble Dryers

Leave your delicates to us.

LG tumble dryers are equipped with modern technology which can produce energy savings of approx. 50% and are perfect for delicate fabrics, wrinkle reduction and shrinkage.

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The big screen that fits in your hand.

The LG G6 packs a 5.7-inch QHD+display complete with Dual WideAngle front/rear cameras all while staying sleek, rugged and pocket-sized.

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LG K Series

K10, K8, K4. Loaded with extras.

All-new camera features combined with trusted LG design and versatility let you express yourself more intuitively than ever.

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Smart Watch

An elegantly engineered work of art-that was made to wear.

Powered by Android, W270 comes with all the features needed for everyday including Google Assistant and an IP67 dust and water resistant rating.

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Results: 1 - 12 (of 35)  |  Show all